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                 Kid Mysticism and the Net.Titans
           "Browsing through the Infinite Library of Heck"
                     NETHERSPAWN Part 1
                      By Ben Rawluk

*********************Featuring Browsing Boy************************************

"Breep!!" The LNH Commpanel beeped, loudly, from it's place on Browsing 
Boy's desk. The LNHer slammed the device quickly with his fist, and 
slowly rose. "It was suppose to give an idle message..." Browsing Boy 
muttered, as he slumped over to the machine. He had been having a nap. 
Lately he's night had been filled with insomnia, and he needed rest. 
"WHAT?" He mumbled, as the device opened the channel. 

"Get up, BB. I've got a mission for you." Dr.Stomper's voice drifted over 
the communicator on the commpanel. "Come down to the Monitor Room." 
Stomper ordered, and Browsing Boy trudged out the door. 

Browsing Boy wandered the long hall, occasionally meeting and greeting 
various LNHers who happened to walk past him. "What?" He murmured, as he 
walked through the doorway of the LNH Monitor Room. At the computer 
terminal sat Dr.Stomper. 

"There's a disturbance down at Collage Drive. You gotta go check it out." 
Dr.Stomper answered, as he inputed mission data into the computer.

"Why don't you go?" BB asked as he yawned slightly. he grabbed a coffee 
from the drinks dispenser, and drank the liquid. He spit it out. As 
ususal, the Drinks Dispenser can't make a decent java. 

"I have major repairs to the Peril Room to deal with. Ultimate Ninja was 
complaining about the room's unstable force-fields." Dr.Stomper replied, 
and handed the net.hero a small communicator. "To keep tabs on you." He 
said, and directed Browsing Boy out of the room.

_Collage Drive_

Browsing Boy rounded the corner of Collage Drive, and noticed how 
amazingly dark it was getting. "Not even five o clock yet..." The young 
hero muttered, and looked down at his communicator. The Device was 
breeping occasionally, and had begun to spit out static. "Huh?" BB 
mumbled, and continued on. "Doc is probably having more problems with the 


Dr.Stomper muttered something as returned to the Monitor Room. He was 
taking a quick break to check on Browsing Boy and get one of Kid Kirby's 
Erghogzilouriterizer circuits to help with the Peril Room repairs. "What 
the...?" He stammered as he looked at the Sig.Nal screen. Browsing Boy's 
sig.nal had vanished. "Uh oh..." He muttered.

_Collage Drive_

Browsing Boy muttered something as he continued on. The Sky had become 
progressively darker, and streetlamps had grown dimmer. He shivered as an 
unknown coldness slowly assumed dominance of the air of Net.Ropolis, and 
it's chilly strength had slowly worked it's way through every living being.

BB contined to move through the steadily increasing darkness, and then he 
saw it: The one light in the entire downtown. A Bonfire. Or Rather...A 
Heckfire bonfire. An Inferno. He moved closer, to investigate. "Maybe I 
wasn't the best one for this mission." BB commented to no one in 

{What's this?} An eerie, dark voice mumbled. It wasn't really audible. 
More like a telepathic cry. Browsing Boy shuttered. And the Inferno grew, 
and shaped, into a man. A man that approached Browsing Boy. {A Hero. 
Excellant. The Perfect first host.} The Man said, slinking forward. 
Browsing Boy found himself immobile, and then the man touched him. 
Browsing Boy let out a scream, and the man and hero merged. {Hehehe...}

_Minutes Later_

"You ok?" Dr.Stomper asked Browsing Boy as the latter returned to LNHHQ.

"Yes...of course." Browsing Boy replied, and walked off. Dr.Stomper did 
NOT see the flame in his eyes.


Next Issue: Linguist Lass! Part 2 of NETHERSPAWN...



Browsing Boy and Dr.Stomper are Public domain, but BB is reserved by me.

NETHERSPAWN is owned by Me.

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