Blue Light Productions presents

This is an Legion of Net.Heroes Title,

Featuring Kid Mysticism (& Spellfire), Plot-Device King, Lurker Lad...

 Ben Rawluk Presents: a Tale of the Looniverse,

                        Kid Mysticism &
                        The Net.Titans
                      "Escape from AWAK"
                        By Ben Rawluk


The Newsgroup/MUSH was dank and dark. The Warriors had gathered togther, 
their Leader slowing +updating the MUSH Code that was the center of their 
life. "Soon, there shall be the Glorious Tinyplot Battle!" The Leader 
announced, as he finished the programming. Off in the corner sat Lurker 
Lad and Kid Mysticism, awaiting whatever should happen next.

Kid Mysticism looked up, to see the masses of Warriorkind slowly jumping 
through the FTP Gateway. Suddenly, Lurker Lad looked up also. Off in the 
distance, in some ancient, Chamber came the screams of Plot-Device King. 
"My Writer!" Lurker Lad yelled. "They're torturing him!" 

"We must do something!" KM said, and Spellfire materialized from the 
inner sanctum of the LNHer-Arcane's mind. "Find Plot-Device King!" 

*Yes, oh really cool Spandex-wearer!* Spellfire commed, sarcastically. 
The six inch astral flame being flew off. 

Spellfire zoomed into the room the screams were coming with. He "gasped" 
astrally, as he saw The two warriors who were scanning PDK. "ARGGH!" PDK 
screamed. Spellfire passed through the helmets of the two, and they 
screamed. *hmmm...* Spellfire hmmed, as he noted astral energy had 
negative effects on the Warriors. The two piles of rusted armour slumped 
to the ground, smoke spiralling off of them. "Spellfire....?" PDK 
mumbled. Spellfire passed through the restraints, to find an effect 
similar to the one on the warriors happening.

Plot-Device King slowly stumbled behind Spellfire and the two arrived at 
Kid Mysticism and Lurker Lad. 

Suddenly, four warriors grabbed them, Spellfire whistling back into the 
safety of Kid Mysticism's mind. The three heroes were thrown through the 
FTP Gateway.....



"Where...where...?" Lurker Lad tried to say, as the effects of being 
FTPed without the benefits of Armour slowly dissipated. 

KM was nearby. He had already recovered, and figured out several 
commands. "You ok?" He asked, as Spellfire saw to PDK. "@create FTP Gateway"
he @created. 

FTP Gateway created as object #780

KM desced the Gateway, and @linked it to Alt.comics.LNH. But before they 
could go through, Five Warriors approached. "STOP!" One of the Warriors 
announced, and suddenly, Spellfire swooshed through teh helmets of the 
warriors. Minutes later, the Net.Titans vanished through the Gateway....


Next issue: Spotlight on Browsing Boy! Netherspawn part 1


Kid Mysticism (spellfire), and Plot-device King owned by me.

Lurker Lad is public domain, but reserved.

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