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                  Kid Mysticism and the Net.Titans
                          By: Ben Rawluk


Kid Mysticism's head ached as he slowly awoke. He found himself in a huge 
room, surrounded by huge, armoured warriors, similar to the ones who had 
attacked LNHHQ moments before. To the young WC's side was the 
groggy-yet-awake form of Lurker Lad. "Uh oh." KM intoned, as he realized 
that the warriors were slowly approaching him. 

"Entities have been cross-posted from Alt.Comics.LNH, to Alt.Warriors.and 
.Knights, however, this was not part of the plan. Only the Pilferer of 
the Sacred plot-device was meant to be cross-posted. For being unable to 
keep them out, you are sentenced to 24000 years of being a puppet on the 
RP-World-Zone, and not a character. That is my descision." The Chief 
Warrior stated, and the warrior who had taken Plot-Device King was led 
away, to a large FTP Gateway, and plunged in. He screamed an electronic 
scream, and vanished into the void of RP-World-Zone. 

_Elsewhere in Alt.Warriors.and.Knights_

Plot-Device King screamed, as the Warrior's armour devices slowly probed 
his body for the so-called Sacred Plot-Device. Obviously, they ment his 
plot-device power. Maybe this will explain where he got it..."Gah!" PDK 
yelled, as a particulary high intensity scan beam passed through him. PDK 
was sure that his plot-device power would make him tough enough to deal 
with this and escape, but obviously, the Warriors had some way of 
circumventing his power. 

_The Main Throne Chamber_

"As sentients who have had the chance to see our multi-newsgroup 
technology, please tell us what you think..." The Chief Warrior asked. 

"Uh...wonderful.." Lurker Lad said, and noticed two warriors standing 
still, holding a rather large cube. "What's that?" He asked.

" the Ultimate MUSH code. It is the awe-inspiring basis of this 
entire Newsgroup." The Chief Warrior answered.

_Alt.Comics.lnh, LNHHQ_

"Where did they go?" Browsing Boy exclaimed. 

"Who knows or cares?" Cheesecake-Eater Lad answered, and headed off 
towards the Monitor Room. "I'm gonna go get my name taken off this silly 
subgroup. Not only do I have to deal with silliness like this, but, 
Parking Karma Kid and aLLiterative Lass aren't even on it." 

"Hey!" Research Lass started, but it was to late. The Cheesecake champion 
was already out of sight.

"Um...I suppose this might not be the best time, but...that is...I 
already have a girlfriend..." Browsing Boy stated, kind of worried about 
the sheer number of "...."s that have been used in his dialogue of late. 

"Girl...friend..." Research Lass intoned. "Uh...Oh well. Who is she?" 
Research Lass asked.

"She be me..." Linguist Lass said, as she approached the two. LL kissed 
Browsing Boy on the cheek. "Having problems with the subgroup...DEAR?" LL 
asked, in a voice that made it all to clear that BB should love anyone 
but her.

"Er, Yes. Cheesecake-eater Lad just quit, and Lurker Lad, Plot-Device 
King, and Kid Mysticism have been cross-posted." BB said, nervously.

"Hey. If my Author doesn't mind, maybe I'LL join..." Linguist Lass said, 
smiled at Research Lass, and walked away. 

"This is going to be a long day...." Browsing Boy commented.


PDK screamed in torment, as the Warriors read through the readme files 
attached to his plot-device. ^This is going to be a long day....^ PDK 
thought to himself.


Next Issue: escape for A.W.A.K...



Kid Mysticism, Research Lass, Plot-Device King, and the Warriors of 
A.W.A.K owned and created by Me, Ben Rawluk.

Lurker Lad, and Browsing Boy are Public Domain, but please don't use 
them, they are Net.Titans for the Moment...

Cheesecake-eater lad is Public Domain.

Linguist Lass is owned and created by Martin Phipps. 

BooBoo, the pet orangutan was supplied by Martin's Cosmic Livestock Delivery.

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