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___   ___ ___  ___  ___
| |   |  \| |  | |  | |       Kid Mysticism
| |   |     |  | |__| |       Research Lass
| |   |     |  |  __  |       Plot-Device King
| |   |_|\__|  | |  | |       Browsing Boy
| |____        | |  | |       Cheesecake Eater Lad
|______|       |_|  |_|       Lurker Lad

                 Kid Mysticism & the Net.Titans
                    "Cataclysm means Change"
                         By Ben Rawluk

Kid Mysticism slowly completed the Commpanel +msg to the other LNHers, 
when the warriors walked out of his room, and approached him. "Is this 
the" The Main Warrior scanned, and the metabeings totally 
disregarded him. KM took this as what he needed, and blasted the Warriors 
with Retcotheric energy. "Disregard previous scan; Attempts to disrupt 
Search negates previous identiscan of the individual." The Warrior 
stated, and raised his hand. A burning hot beam of Soul energy slowly 
struck the Legionnaire. 

The Warriors continued down the corridor. KM slowly tried to mutter 
something. *Boss? BOSS?!* Spellfire screamed, as he tried to communicate 
with his Arcane host.

Meanwhile, the Warriors, occasionally scanning for the so-called 
"Pilferer of the Sacred Plot-Device." Plot-Device King happened to be 
walking nearby, having wondered if Kid Mysticism wanted to taste 
Cheesecake-eater lad's latest cheesecake recipe. Suddenly, the Warriors 
came across him. 

"Breep! Scans indicate this paraform conforms to the scan parameters 
which constitute the One." The Warrior noted, and fired at PDK with soul 
energy. PDK's plot-device allowed him super-agility, which let him avoid 
the intial blast, only to be knocked out by the blast of one of the other 

"Gah!" PDK yelled, as he fell to the ground. 

By this time, Kid Mysticism had arrived, followed by Lurker Lad. "Uh oh." 
Lurker Lad whispered, and the two attacked the Warriors. Lurker Lad 
lurked through the armour of a Warrior, who was destroyed by Lurker Lad's 
exposure to the Lurk Sensitive Power-Source. Kid Mysticism petrified the 
energies within the armour of most of the other warriors. Except the 
final Warrior. Suddenly, Cheesecake-Eater Lad, Browsing Boy, and Research 
Lass arrived. 

"What the....?!" Browsing Boy exclaimed, and suddenly, The Warrior, and 
the unconscious form of PDK began to cross-post into infinity. Kid 
Mysticism and Lurker Lad leaped into the Cross-Post parameters, and all 
five of them vanished, leaving Browsing Boy, C_E Lad, and Research Lass 
standing there. 



Next Issue: On Alt.Warriors.and.Knights!

credist: all KM, RL, PDK owned by me.

C-E Lad, BB, and LL are public domain, but reserved by me at the moment.

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