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   RollCall         Kid Mysticism and the Net.Titans
  ^^^^^^^^^^                      #6
 Kid Mysticism      "Death welcomes careful Driving"
 Research Lass
 Lurker Lad
 Cheesecake-Eater Lad
 Browsing Boy


The Villains' Hideout District. A large section of teh city, filled with 
old, abandoned warehouses. The Six net.heroes known as the Net.Titans, 
one more subgroup in the Legion of Net.Heroes, walked along the street 
near one. Spellfire had scouted ahead, and reported to KM that this was 
where a rather evil-looking villain was currently operating from. 

Lurker Lad took the initative, and slowly lurked into the derelict 

The Warehouse was dark and forboding. The invisible form of Lurker Lad 
slowly passed through it, and searched the forboding realm. Suddenly, 
warmth and light warmed his intangible face. Lurker Lad slowly looked 
around the corner, confident that his lurking power would protect him. 

"Hahah!" The voice of the villain called out. He was rather forbiding 
looking, his body covered in grotesque burgandy spandex. His face and 
head were covered in a strange looking helmet. "I convinced 
Really-Really-Bad Guy to attack those Legionnaires! It only proves the 
pure mental might...of the MINDMASTER!!!" The Net.Villain screamed, in a 
menacing yet not terribly angst ridden voice. Suddenly, a second villain 
in a dark blue spandex costume, and a blue cloak, walked out of the 

"Do not be hasty, Mindmaster. If we are to destroy the Legion of 
Net.Heroes, we must work togther, and use caution." The other Net.Villain 
muttered. Good, Lurker Lad thought. they haven't somehow detected me, as 
villains tended to do ever so often. 

"I suppose so, Dr.Periodic...BUT Still!" Mindmaster laughed. 

"We must excersize caution." Dr.Periodic cautioned,

Lurker Lad crept up...and suddenly, Mindmaster swerved around. "A 
Net.Hero!!" Mindmaster screamed, and awesome Psyhic energy lashed at the 
LNHer, and Lurker Lad screamed, as his form became visible. 

Outside, the others heard the scream. "Uh oh!" KM murmured, and the five 
remaining heroes ran in. 

"There are more of them! Really-Really-Bad Guy didn't finish them off!" 
Dr.Periodic screamed. He tried to lock Plot-Device King in a bubble of 
petrified air. PDK stood there, looked in the air, when suddenly he 
shattered the bubble. The plot-device had given him stength and the 
absence of the need to breath.

Mindmaster was locked in mental combat with Kid Mysticism. Research Lass 
was hitting Dr.Periodic, and C-E Lad was force feeding teh villain 
cheesecake. Browsing Boy, meanwhile, was browsing through the villains' 
plans. Mindmaster, wielding his power of Mind over matter, hit the heroes 
with mental blasts, and then teleported himself and Dr.Periodic. 

"I guess they escaped."

*Later, LNHHQ*

Browsing Boy walked Research Lass to her quarters. " 
Lass..." BB murmured, nervously.

" me Resa." Research Lass replied, seeing how uncomfortable 
the net.hero was.

"That is...Resa...wanna go out with me?" Browsing Boy asked. 

"Oh, Browsing Boy! That's sweet. Sure." Research Lass said. "This is so 
kewl...on the subgroup and all..." 

"Yeah..." Browsing Boy noted.

*KM's Quarters*

*Well, that went well.* Spellfire commented. 

"Shut up..." 

Suddenly, the air began to surge. Kid Mysticism barely managed to leap 
out the door, before several large armoured warriors materialized. 
"Search for the Pilferer of the Sacred Plot-Device." One of the Warriors 
noted. KM got to a commpanel. Sounds like Plot-Device King wasn't going 
to like this...


Next Issue: The Net.Titans vs Cataclyst Master!


credits: All villains, PDK, KM, Research Lass, Spellfire, and the 
Warriors owned by Ben Rawluk...

Browsing Boy, C-E Lad, and Lurker Lad owned by Public Domain, but I'm 
using them...

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