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  |  |  |  \ | |  | |  | |            Kid Mysiticism
  |  |  |   \| |  | |__| |            Plot-Device King
  |  |  | |\   |  |  __  |            Research Lass
  |  |  | | \  |  | |  | |            Browsing Boy
  |  |  |_|  \_|  |_|  |_|            Cheesecake-Eater Lad 
  |  |__________                      Lurker Lad
  |_____________|  Title...

                Kid Mysticism and the Net.Titans 
                     "Off to get a Caper!"
                        By Ben Rawluk


The sleek LNH-owned Flight.thingee streaked through the cool (not chilly, 
mind you) air space above the immense (Yet not altogther unlikeable) city 
of Net.Ropolis. Aboard it, six members of the Legion of Net.Heroes, now 
thrown togther in a rushed (albeit well organised) subgroup. The Net.Titans.

Kid Mysticism sat on one of the specially made seats, contemplating his 
situation. He had join the LNH, wanting to be part of the Group as a 
whole and not thrown into this situation: a subgroup. Not to mention the 
fact that said subgroup--the Net.Titans--was made of several individuals 
of unknown meshing abilities. "How irritating." KM commented. 

*Not enjoying being a Subgrouper, eh, Boss?* The voice of KM's astral 
guide, Spellfire rang in KM's head. 

"I suppose not." KM muttered, and turned slightly, to see Research Lass 
and Browsing Boy fawning over each other, Lurker Lad mumbling about being 
in a subgroup, and...Plot-Device King running out of the Flight.thingee's 
portable kitchen, followed closely by several airborne slices of 

"WhudIdoWhusat!?!" Plot-Device King screeched, as he kicked into full 
sprint, and flashed by Kid Mysticism. Kid Mysticism began to say 
something, only a slice of cheesecake--badly aimed, mind you--slooshed 
into his face. "Uh oh." PDK mumbled, while Cheesecake Eater Lad slowly 
came into sight. 

KM was positively FUMING.", NOT...throw...CHEESECAKE!!!" KM commanded, and dissolved the 

"S-Sorry." C-E Lad mumbled in apology, and PDK avoided KM's eyes. 
Suddenly, the Flight.thingee scanner blipped to life. PDK walked over to 

"Something's wrong! Something's...." PDK started, when a blast of 
energy hit the flight.thingee.

*Legion of Net.Heroes Headquarters*

"What the...?" Dr.Stomper mumbled, as the sig.nal from the Net.Titans' 
Flight.thingee disappeared from the View-screen. "Something's wrong." 
He had checked the Flight.thing himself; there was nothing that could 
have caused a forseeable problem. "They must be under attack." 

*The Flight.Thingee crash site.*

Plot-Device King slowly awoke. He noted that his instant plot-device had 
supplied him with invulnerability. He brushed himself off. Before he 
could search for his teammates, he looked up to see a rather imposing 
costumed Net.Villain standing nearby, looking equally satisfied with his 
handiwork. The Net.Villain raised his gloved hand. "I am...Really-Really- 
Bad Guy!" Really-Really-Bad Guy laughed, and hit Plot-Device King with a 
cosmic energy blast. PDK laughed off the attack, his plot-device 
absorbing the energy. RRBG laughed, as well, and caught the hero off 
guard, driving a rather large sword through his chest.

"Uh...oh..." PDK muttered, as the sword began to pierce the 
conviently-in-the-path-of-the-sword vital organs. RRBG laughed again, and 
didn't notice the five other net.heroes slowly arise from the slag that 
had once been the LNH Flight.thingee. Kid Mysticism screamed, and RRBG 
was hurtled backwards by a bolt of retcotheric energy. 

Research Lass rushed to the side of her fallen teammate. She tried to 
remove the sword. "Don't...worry..." PDK said, and he activated his 
plot-device. Energy surged, and suddenly, there was a blinding light. And 
there before them stood PDK, healed, and the sword in his hand. "Cool 
Sword." PDK said, and tossed the metal weapon aside. 

"I believe we have found a caper; Why this villain tried to kill us." 
Browsing Boy muttered. "Better call Dr.Stomper about the Flight.thingee."

C-E Lad spoke up. "Maybe we should check out the Villains' Old Abandoned 
Warehouse Hideout District."

"Sounds like a plan." Kid Mysticism noted, and the six heroes walked off. 
"Though we should take to Dr.Stomper about maybe, some kind of 


Next Issue: Who hired Really-Really-Bad Guy?! How did Plot-Device King 
pull off that healing stunt?! Why are these boxes got ?!s in them all the 

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Credits: Plot-Device King, Net.Titans, Kid Mysticism, Spellfire, Research 
Lass, and Really-Really-Bad Guy owned by me!

Browsing Boy, Cheesecake Eater Lad, and Lurker Lad are Public Domain, but 
don't use them; they're Net.Titans NOW!

Dr.Stomper is Public Domain.

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