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+++An LNH Net.Comic+++++

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                        Kid Mysticism 
                        By Ben Rawluk

                        FIGMENT LAD


Kid Mysticism and Lurker Lad ran into Kid Mysticism's quarters. 
"Spellfire called me!" Kid Mysticism yelled to the lurking LNHer, only to 
find Spellfire no where around. 

"Uh...Spellfire?" Lurker Lad asked.

"Spellfire!" KM yelled. No answer. Suddenly, he looked around, to 
see...Figment Lad, the imaginary member of the Legion of Net.Heroes. 

"Prepare to die." Figment Lad calmly commanded, and raised his hand. On 
one of his fingers was...a Ring of Retcon. Retconic energy blasts were 
hurtled at the two Net.Heroes. KM retaliated with a blast of retcotheric 

*Space, Retcon Limbo*

Spellfire's shattered form drifted through the Retcon Limbo. *Argh! My 
head!* Spellfire muttered. He conjured up as much astral strength, and 
teleported back into existence. 


"How can this be? A, Figment Lad doesn't exist, and B, he's with the 
LNH." Lurker Lad exclaimed. 

"I exist now, and I quit the Legion!" Figment Lad scream, and began to 
retcon Lurker Lad out of existence. Kid Mysticism stopped him, when 
suddenly, Figment Lad morphed. The Net.Villain screamed, and re-shaped. 
It was NOT Figment Lad. Rather, it was the evil Morphing Lad. 

Suddenly, Kid Mysticism, Plot-Device King, Lurker Lad, Cheesecake-eater 
Lad, Morphing Lad, Browsing Boy, and Research Lass all found themselves 
in a small room. 

The Room was furnished with a small desk, on which was sitting a laptop 
computer. Beside the desk was a chair...more like a throne really. And 
all over the room were piles of comics. A rather unassuming young man, 
with red hair, and a blue sweatshirt on. "Hello. The Name's Ben." The man 
said. "I'm the Author."

"Why are we here?!" Kid Mysticism muttered. 

"I had Morphing Lad cause trouble, to form a link to this newsgroup--  
Rec.arts.Ben'" Ben said, said, and offered the net.heroes 
each a chair, which materialized. "I chose to take an activate role. you 
see, you all will be forming a subgroup in the Legion."


"The Net.Titans. Anyway...Oh, Go away, Morphing Lad." Ben said, and 
Morphing Lad's form melted into the floor. "I figured it would be easier 
this way."

"well, ok. Kid Mysticism, Plot-Device King, Cheesecake-eater Lad, 
Browsing Boy, Lurker Lad, and me." Research Lass noted. 

"Ok. Now. Any questions?"

Kid Mysticism looked around the room. "A curious manner of manifesting 
this place..." KM noted.

"Yeah..." Ben said. 


Next Issue: Kid Mysticism and the Net.Titans #5! 

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Kid Mysticism, Research Lass, Plot-Device King, and Spellfire are Mine.
C-E Lad, Figment Lad, Browsing Boy, and Lurker Lad Public Domain.

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