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                          Kid Mysticism
                      "Overdue Library Books"
                           LNH Title
                          By Ben Rawluk

                      With LURKER LAD!


Kid Mysticism sighed as he searched through the volumes of Grimoires and 
books that he had in the small apartment which was his quarters at Legion 
of Net.Heroes HQ, while munching on cheesecake. "I have to have a copy!" KM 
exclaimed. *What are you looking for?*. "The Book of Net.cromancy. I 
must have a copy!" 

"Perhaps you should get a copy from the Library." KM swirled around to 
see his fellow LNHer, Lurker Lad looking at him. Obviously, the NWC had 
used his lurking power to get into KM's quarters. "I'll come with you. 
The Library can be a rather....unusual place." 

"I suppose so." KM answered, and he and LL (I resign to not use full 
names) left for the Library. After the door slammed shut, the six inch 
tall flamebeing known as Spellfire passed through the door. *I'll look 
after things, Boss!* Spellfire muttered, and sat on the pillow.

*The So-Called Library of Infinite Stories*

Kid Mysticism was amazed as they entered the Library. The building was 
infinitly larger on the inside, and KM theorized that it was the source 
of the cross-time flux he percieved. "May I help you?" The Librarian 
asked, as he seemed to come from Nothingness.

" you have a copy of the Book of Net.cromancy?" Kid Mysticism 

"Of course." 

The two began to search the shelves. Suddenly, KM yelped. "Here it is!" 
he shouted, and pulled the tome from the find it burned 
beyond recognition. He flipped through the pages, to find each destroyed. 
"No!" KM began to cast a spell. Suddenly, The Book ceased to be. "Gah!" 

"Uh oh." Lurker Lad commented, and Kid Mysticism glared at him. 


Spellfire was immensely bored, when suddenly there was an explosion of 
eldritch light. Spellfire's tiny form darted under the pillow, and 
watched from there. A single, dark being(tm) materilized. 

*The Peril Room*

Plot-Device King smiled at Dr.Stomper, who was in the control room. "Ok, 
PDK. I'm activating the program." Dr.Stomper called down, and touched a 
switch. Suddenly, a huge robot materilized in front of the young LNHer. 
The robot attacked, only to be destroyed by the hithero unknown strength 
(Actually all a plot-device) of Plot-Device King. "Very Good." 


Browsing Boy sat across from Research Lass. Both were eating cheesecake. 
"You look beautiful in spandex." BB commented, entranced by Research 

"Why thank you! You're not so bad yourself." 

"Would you like to join me in a Candlelight dinner later, and an evening 
stroll in the Holodecstation?" 

"I'd love to." Research Lass answered, and kissed Browsing Boy on the 

*Kid Mysticism's quarters*

*Boss!!!! Get back here!* Spellfire mind screamed, hoping to get KM's 
attention at the Library. The Unknown being looked at Spellfire for an 
instant, and raised his fit. On his finger was a Ring of retcon. *Uh oh* 
Spellfire was scattered throughout reality by the ring's power.


Next Issue: Who holds the Ring of Retcon?! Research Lass and Browsing 
Boy's Date!



Kid Mysticism, Plot-Device King, Research Lass, and Spellfire owned by Me.

Dr.Stomper, Lurker Lad, and Browsing Boy are Public Domain.

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