Guitar Man

Written by Campbell "Sasquatch" March, this series is a about a superhero with a guitar. Unfortunately. Meet Guitar Man, a worse musician than God!

Guitar Man #1
Mouse meets up with a very unusual man, a man with a guitar. After she actually manages to survive that, the vicious rats and alligator seem almost pleasant.
Guitar Man #2
Guitar Man faces his worst enemy ever of this issue: Paintac Nemo! Guitar Man is forced to make the supreme sacrifice to have humanity, he has to destroy his guitar!
Guitar(less) Man #3
What does a man without a guitar do? Why, the same as the rest of us: Join the LNH! However, while testing himself in the Peril Room, the LNHers find out that Guitar Man is capable of so much more.
Guitar(less) Man #4
Danger in the Peril Room! Can Guitar Man survive the golems? Can the golems survive Guitar Man? Also, meet a man with taste as we find out that there really does exist someone who likes Guitar Man's singing.
Guitar Man #5
Marshmallow Lass wants to fight a villain, so Guitar Man introduces her to Glow in the Dark Inflatable Villain, but things do not go as planned, and Marshmallow Lass leaves the LNH in tears.
Guitar Man #6
What exactly does God do on a Saturday night, and who does he get to do it to? God plays piano before Guitar Man upstages him on guitar. All is not lost, however, as the omnipotent being (GOD) gets kidnapped.
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