Blue Light Production presents....

	L N H Comics Presents #25

        [Cover features wReamhack and the Ultimate Ninja looking very
	 surprised at a shadowy figure.]

			"Return of a Legend?"


He travelled slowly, making his way carefully. He could remember this place.
Or thought he could.
	He was standing outside the LNHHQ, looking up the steps at the closed
front door. In this body, he could remember this building quite well. In fact,
he could remeber this building in most of his bodies.
	Not that he remembered his other bodies.
	Not that he had his own identity.


It was dinner time inside the LNHHQ, and wReamhack was taking the oppertunity
to goof off while everyone else was occupied. He was currently walking to
the receptionist (Fred? Chris? Bob? he could never remeber), and was facing
away from the doors when the man came in.
	His first hint of warning was the shocked look on the receptionist's
face. (Actually, it was a pretty big hint. The receptionist's jaw had dropped
about a foot, and his eyes were sticking out on stalks.)
	"Nice _Mask_ impression," wReamhack commented.
	Realising what had actually happened, wReamhack turned around slowly.
If something bad was going to happen to him, he prefered it to do so while he
wasn't looking. (He really prefered it not to happen at all, but sometimes that
option just wasn't possible.)
	Who he saw caused him to out-do the receptionist for jaw dropping.
	"Da-da-da..." he said intelligently.
	The receptionist recovered first. "Contraption Man. You're back." (He
had been taking lessons from Sister State-The-Obvious.)
	The man frowned. "Contraption Man? I am Contraption Man?"
	wReamhack gulped. "Oh boy," he muttered. Grabbing the intercom, he
spoke into it. "Could the.. er... Ultimate Ninja please come to reception?...
Er... now?"


The ninja's ninja looked up from his work, and glared at the loudspeaker.
Couldn't these fools do something right by themselves, just for a change?
	The ninja put down the piece of paper he had been reading, and sighed.
Rising, he made his way silently from his office to the front desk. The first
thing he saw was wReamhack, away from his desk.
	"Isn't there someplace else you should be right now?" he growled at
the hacker.
	"Er," wReamhack's eyes darted from the sight in front of him to the
ninja, then back again. "I think you should take a look at..." (he pointed his
finger) "...him."
	The Ultimate Ninja followed the direction of the finger and came to the
man standing just inside the doors. In one of those *very* rare occasions, the
ninja was actually surprised.
	"Contraption Man? What the hell(tm) are you doing here?"
	Indeed, the man could only be Contraption Man. His stance, looks and
voice belonged only to the inventor extrodinaire.
	"Yes. Yes." CM's voice grew stronger. "I am Contraption Man! And I
am... here." His voice trailed off. "Where have I been?" he asked.
	wReamhack gasped. How could he (CM) not remember the events of Retcon
Hour and the repercussions afterwards?


[In the interested of educated readers, we now present: Kid Recap on
Contraption Man]
	Kid Recap says: "What the hell(tm) am I doing here?"
	[I though it would be nice to have a brief summary of what happened to
Contraption Man, seeing as how he hasn't been around recently.]
	"But, I only do recent stuff. Just the past issue or so. This is
something totally new."
	[Look, I'm writing this, and I'll tell you what to say.]
	"Hurm. Oh, all right. If you insist so much."
	Kid Recap says: "During Retcon Hour Omega, Contraption Man was evil and
tried to kill everyone, but then he got religion during LNH Triple Play #5
after touching the Minicar of Redemption, and left on a religious sojorn."
	[Thank you.]
	"What, that's it? I need to talk to my agent. I don't get paid enough
for this..."
	[We know return you to your regually scheduled comic.]


[When we were last with our intrepid heroes... or whatever they are, wReamhack
had just showed suprise that Contraption man couldn't remember the abpve
	"I can't remember very well," Contraption Man said. "I was... something
else for a while."
	"I'll say. You were a religious nutter trying to kill us all," said
	The Ultimate Ninja stepped in. "Until we can find out what happened,
I'm going to confine you to the madlab. wReamhack, get Doctor Stomper here, and
make sure no-one else finds out about this."
	As wReamhack left through one door, Bad-Timing Boy, who had finished
dinner early, and wanted to find out what had required his leader's presence,
entered into the reception through a different door.
	"What's happening... Contraption Man?"
	The Ultimate Ninja buried his head in his hands.


Later, after the ninja had extracted a vow of silence (using his typical powers
of persuasion) from Bad-Timing Boy, and after sending a chastised wReamhack
back to the Monitoring Room, Contraption Man was undergoing tests run by 
Doctor Stomper in the medlab. The LNH leader waited impatiently for the
	The doctor looked up from his final test. "Well, he is Contraption
	"And?" prompted the Ultimate Ninja.
	The doctor took a deep breath. "There's a strange genetic fluctuation
at the molecular level, but it doesn't seem to be interfering with his DNA
	"Meaning what?"
	"Meaning... he should be changing shape, but he isn't."
	The UN looked at the figure on the bed. Was he Contraption Man, or
wasn't he? How would he be able to tell?
	At that moment, a voice came over the intercom.
	"Can Doctor Stomper please come to the Peril Room control room? We have
another casualty."
	'If he is Contraption Man,' thought the UN, thinking of the Peril Room,
'he couldn't have come at a better time.'


Up in the control room, Doctor Stomper found Squeaky Clean lying prone on the
floor, with Guitar Man kneeling next to him.
	"You haven't been singing to him, have you?" Doctor Stomper inquired.
	"What?" asked Guitar Man, looking up. "Oh, there you are. I came here
to practice for a while, and found Squeaky trying to clean the insides of the
control panel." There was a side panel off, exposing the wiring inside. There
was a bucket of soapy water nearby, and a trail of soapy bubbles across one of
the circuits boards inside.
	Squeaky Clean was starting to stir. Doctor Stomper knelt down to help
him up. Guitar Man realised what Doctor Stomper had said when he came in. "Hey,
you don't think my singing's bad, do you?"
	"Certainly not," said the doctor, straightfaced. He continued under his
breath, "not compared to fingernails across the blackboard, anyway."
	The board sparked some more, indicating further eruptions, and Guitar
Man jumped/flew into the path of the indicated explosion. The damage was
absorbed by his armor, with no further harm to anyone.
	The Ultimate Ninja arrived, with Contraption Man following. Looking
around, he commented "What a mess."
	Squeaky Clean sat up, holding his head. "Don't worry, I can clean it."
	The ninja saw the bucket. "I think you've done enough cleaning
	Contraption Man had been silent, but now he moved forward carefully,
examing the damaged control panel. He reached out, and traced a few circuit
paths with his hand.
	"Careful there," warned Doctor Stomper. "I don't want more people with
	"I... I know these circuits," said Contraption Man, quietly.
	"I should think you do," said the Ultimate Ninja. "Considering."
	"I... I created this, didn't I?"
	Guitar Man was trying to work something out. "Who is this man?" he
finally asked.
	This reminded the ninja of the others's presences. Making himself look
imposing (not hard), he commanded "You," (pointing to GM) "you," (pointing to
Doctor Stomper) "and you" (Squeaky Clean) "out. This is going to be a trial for
our new friend."
	Squeaky Clean had a guilty look on his face. "I think I should stay and
help. I did create this after all."
	"Just what were you doing?" asked Doctor Stomper.
	"Captain Cleanup said I should clean up the Peril Room for a change.
(Instead of him, that is.) I though that I would try to clean inside the
control desk as well."
	"Any particular reason why?"
	"Erm. Plot device?"
	UN sighed. Just what he needed. "All right. You and Contraption Man
stay here, and fix this up. From now on the Peril Room is closed for repairs.
Doctor Stomper, you and Guitar Man... leave."
	Putting action to words, UN led Doctor Stomper and Guitar Man out,
with GM still asking "But, who is that person?"

"I suppose this is pretty simple stuff," commented Squeaky Clean, as they got
stuck into it. "What with you being from the future and all."
	The future? No, not the future...
	He was from...
	He remembered.


In, a woman laughed.


What is happening? Is Contraption Man back? See future issues of the new series
Fan.Boy for a (hopefully) enlightening plot.

Ultimate Ninja and wReamhack belong to wReam, used without permission (sorry, 
but this guy doesn't answer his mail very quickly :)

Contraption Man... *this* Contraption Man belongs to me. *evil grin*

Guitar Man belongs to Campbell "Sasquatch" March, and used with permission.

Kid Recap belongs to Josh Gurnick, and used without permission (or comission :)

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