Written by Jamas Enright, this is a rather silly series that pokes fun at whatever the author can hit.
LNH Comics Presents #25
This is a sort of prologue to the Fan.Boy series. It brings back an old character and sets up the right situation for issue 1. But is there more going on behind the scenes than the Ultimate Ninja is telling?
Fan.Boy #1
Fan.Boy appears in the Looniverse. How? By upsetting every major piece of LNHQ machinery, creating more trouble than ever before. But Fan.Boy isn't of this dimension, so will he be able to cope?
Fan.Boy #2
Fan.Boy faces his first menace, another LNHer! Also, he brings disaster to the LNHQ, in the form of terrifying B1FFBOTS, incarnations of pure stupidity, and the unliving symbol of newbieness.
Fan.Boy #3
The menace continues. What Fan.Boy do to say the day? Does he have anything to do with saving the day? Is he in fact able to do little more than look on as others fight the battle he started?
Fan.Boy #4
Come see the sights! Wander around Net.ropolis with Fan.Boy and wonder why you, too, can't find the HQ again. Get mixed up in the lovely family life of people living in Hovel Homes.
Fan.Boy #5
Fan.Boy in the second most powerful LNHer in the LNH. Here's the proof. Also, meet the deadliest enemy ever created, the man running the Legion of Net.Heroes.
Fan.Boy #6
So, what happens now? Why, Fan.Boy comes back of course. With another companion who also wants to get away from it all and join the LNH. With more jokes than 1/2 an issue of _Easily-Discovered Man_.
Fan.Boy: Culinary Disasters
Never let Fan.Boy into the kitchen. He can cook well, but he tends to improvise when supplies are short. Also, he has this strange idea about who should be invited to dinner.
Fan.Boy #7
Fan.Boy meets up with the cutest LNH member ever. Have a date with Fan.Boy and Panta. See the lovely beach surroundings. Find out the mystery of what Master Blaster is doing there as well.
Tales of the LNH #332
While Panta and Fan.Boy are at the beach, Panta has a wet run in with Manga Man. What? The chaos increases when the two Pantas meet. Even Deductive Logic Man has trouble with this one.
Fan.Boy #8
What's up with Panta? What's the truth behind what's going on? Read this for a few tantalising details, as Deductive Logic Man takes Fan.Boy to the heart of the problem,
Fan.Boy #9
In a cross-over with "Limp-Asparagus Lad", Fan.Boy and Retcon Lad set out to find why there are so many Fan.Boys around on other newsgroups. They also find something else, something sinister.
Limp-Asparagus Lad #17
The cross-over continues as Fan.Boy and Retcon Lad get mixed up in events on, and talk with a dragon on And the mysterious figure runs rampant with fire.
Fan.Boy #10
The cross-over concludes! Find how Retcon Lad defeats the villain! Find out where all these Barry Knewbees came from! Find out what the Oracle is really like! Find out if the author succumbs to Pip and Jane Baker!
Fan.Boy #11
Fan.Boy gets mixed up with a cross-over called Flame Wars III, which has its own special page. Fan.Boy goes civilian, and is forced to lead Pjack and Pjill, two evil beings from the future with a very cute slave.
Fan.Boy #12
A new chapter in the life of Fan.Boy as he investigates strange goings on in the LNHQ Peril Room, in the guise of a renown archaeologist with a brown fedora.
Fan.Boy #13
The investigation takes a rather deadly turn as Fan.Boy's own compatriots in the LNH start to die. Can the boy with the brown hat keep up, or will he just be swept along by the events around him?
Fan.Boy Annual #1
Season's Greetings. It's that time of the year again, when everybody is caught up in Christmas happenings, and Fan.Boy is no exception. Fan.Boy undergoes the "Scrooge" treatment as he finds out his life is being lead wrongly. The Ghosts of Christmas Pudding try to persuade him to accept his destiny and become one with the Angst.
Fan.Boy #14
There were only three movies, so this must be the last parody, but can Fan.Boy survive to the happy ending? Or will the evil machinations of Dr. Bill Jates prove to be too much?
Fan.Boy #15
Uh-uh. Read #16 onwards first.
Fan.Boy #16
The big guns come out as Fan.Boy gets ready to rock the net!
Misfits #20
The Misfits and the Junoir Brotherhood of Net.Villians are drawn in.
Fan.Boy #17
Inacoustic Kid is back!
Misfits #21
It's the Misfits vs. the JBoNV. Again.
Fan.Boy #18
In the ruins of Net.Ropolis, can one still go on a date?
Misfits #22
Censor Girl rules!
Fan.Boy #19
Barry makes it home!
Misfits #23
The JBoNV find out it isn't all roses.
Fan.Boy #20
Back in the LNH, but at what cost?
Fan.Boy #21
It's a home-coming no one would want.
Fan.Boy #22
The very final issue. Fan.Boy! Retcon Lad! And Fandom of the Alt.Ra?
Fan.Boy - How To Write
Want to know more about Fan.Boy? Here's the How-To-Write guide.
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