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       [The cover is the pyramid in the desert again, but this time
                        with Faq Lord's eye.]
                  "Corruption to the next power."
The warehouse clerk was slumped on the desk, one arm holding her head 
up, barely awake. Working here was one of the easiest paying jobs 
around. Not the highest paid, but she got by.
        A thump on the desk jerked her into full wakefulness, and she 
looked up to see a stern looking man in a bomber jacket looking at her. 
"I'd like to retrieve object #AB345," he said, indicating the pile of 
paperwork he had thrown onto the desk, the thump.
        Shaking her head, she pulled the papers to her and flipped 
through them.
        "Get a lot of sleep around here?"
        She looked sharply at him. She didn't recognise him, and he 
didn't look like the type that normally came around here, so she doubted 
he was anyone that could seriously cause her any trouble. "Id?" she 
asked, coolly.
        Frowning, the man took out his wallet and flipped through it, 
before finally showing her a card with his picture on it and a name. 
Agent. "In there," she said, tapping a slot in the desk. The frown 
changed to a scowl as Agent took the card out and slid it into the 
indicated hole. There was a brief whirring, then the card ejected with a 
small beep.
        Agent snatched the card back. "Happy?"
        The clerk didn't respond, just tried to stifle a yawn. The 
paperwork was in order, so she turned her attention to the Alto on her 
desk. After a few clicks, she entered the code. "AB123, was it?"
        "No," replied Agent sourly. "AB345."
        "Right." A few more clicks and the file was retrieved. "Oh, a 
triple Q coding." She flicked through the sheets of paper, and found the 
proper form. Nodding, she read further, then tapped the screen, even 
though Agent couldn't see it, and said "It's got here 'Special 
Requirement J34.' That's a super-heavy lifter. Have you got one of those?"
        "No, I just thought I'd carry it with me."
        "Really, sir. There's no need to be like that."
        "I'm not joking."
        "Right." Another click, and a card was ejected from below the 
computer. "Take this then," she said, handing it over. "Aisle 21, 
section B. It's the one on the bottom."
        "It would be," Agent replied, and took the card with barely 
disguised ill grace.
        The clerk watched him go, and turned back to the file. Joking or 
no, there was no way he could carry a J34 item. He'd be back.
        When she looked up a minute later, he was back. Carrying the 
crate between his hands. It wasn't much larger than the boxes used to 
carry reams of printer paper.
        "Issue this," he commanded.
        "Seals check," she returned. There was no way he could be 
carrying that. He must have already taken the item out first.
        Sighing, Agent held the box out. She raised a scanner, which 
scanned the box and beeped. Hmm, object secure. Very well, never let it 
be said she didn't do her job. She clicked the correct button on the 
computer file and it closed, marked "IN USE".
        "Done." With no reply of his own, Agent just turned and walked 
out. She watched him with a sense of curiosity, but not a lot of it. You 
didn't stay in this job if you were curious about the items you were in 
charge of.
        With the transaction done, she settled down to get back to sleep.
What do you do when (and let's speak frankly here) you're faced with 
three enemies, two of which could kick your butt without even thinking 
about it? Barry didn't know the answer, but that was the situation he 
was in. He wished he did know the answer, or that the answer was known 
by someone and that they were here instead of him.
        Going from minor to major there was Missy, late of the 
Alt.Riders, and now turned, corrupted, into an evil green scientist. 
Then there was Acton Lord, the embodiment of the Corruption Force, and 
someone who gave the entirely of Dvandom Force pause. And finally there 
was Faq Lord. New on the scene, but already displaying as much power 
over Acton Lord as Acton Lord had over Missy.
        Which was rather strange, as Faq Lord was the embodiment of the 
Corruption Force from another dimension. That wouldn't be more than any 
other dimension, would it? Unless that other dimension happened to be 
fairly corrupt in the first place, and it was. It was Allen's home 
dimension, and the sort of place that made political backstabbing look 
like nursery tantrums.
        So, that might explain that, but it still didn't give him any 
insight into what to do about it.
        "You Alt.Riders defeated me before," Faq Lord said, in a hoarse 
voice, as if something had smashed his larynx. Actually, Barry thought 
gloomily, something had. The rest of his body smashing into it after 
having been thrown out of a flight.thingee far above ground. [See _World 
Tales Annual #2_ for the details... which would probably be a good idea 
to have read for this arc anyway... - Footnote Girl.] "And so I shall 
destroy you all."
        "What? Even Missy?" Barry asked.
        "Especially Missy," Faq Lord spat, before adding, "but 
especially you. You who are me in body. You and the other one. Allen."
        "You might find it a little tricky to get him," Barry said, 
smiling to himself. "He's a bit out of reach at the moment."
        "Bah, the barriers of hell do not worry me, just as the barriers 
of dimensions no longer concern me." Now that could be worrying.
        "Yes," said Acton Lord. "Let's destroy them. Destroy them all! 
All the superheroes must die!"
        Faq Lord raised a shattered hand, and Acton Lord was jerked 
upright, like a puppet on a string. "You are a mere reflection of me," 
Faq Lord rasped. "Do not irritate me, cur, or it will be you I destroy."
        "Destruction? Isn't that a bit cliched?" Barry put in.
        "It depends on how you see it," Faq Lord returned. "If I take 
you over and corrupt your soul, then I have destroyed all that you are." 
Faq Lord landed on the ground, having hovered above it before, and 
placed a hand on Missy's head.
        "That's rather cliched too," Barry said.
        "Query: test to destruction?" Missy asked.
        "I rather like her," Faq Lord said as an aside to Barry. "Such 
an inquiring mind."
        "Leave Missy alone," Barry growled.
        "Or what? We both know there's nothing you can do to me."
        "We'll see about that. Flame!" Barry's suit flashed red, and a 
jet of flame roared out towards Faq Lord. But it was blocked. Not by Faq 
Lord, but by a green blast from Acton Lord. When the flame hit the 
barrier, it withered and died, its essence eaten away from inside and out.
        "Just imagine what your corruption would be like. All that 
power, for use in ways that would abhor you."
        "Yeah, and I bet a part of me still remains, so that I may be 
horrified all the more." Please say yes. Otherwise... Barry looked at 
Missy with an almost pitying eye.
        "Of course not," replied Faq Lord, in his croaking voice. "No, 
the corruption is total. And irreversible."
"Rick," Marsha said softly into the dark room. "Talk to me, Rick."
        The giggling had died away only moments after it had begun. 
After that there had been no more response. But at least they knew now. 
Rick was in here with them. Now if only he was on their side...
        _Anything more?_ Peter asked in her mind.
        _Nothing. Just like before._ Before. They had been arguing 
before. Now that was nothing too.
        _We could draw him out,_ Peter suggested.
        _The tomb,_ he said, referring to the sarcophagus in the middle 
of the room. _He protected it before. If you try for it again, you'll 
get his attention._
        _Sounds like something to do,_ thought Marsha, although her tone 
was such that it indicated she was willing to consider other options. 
None presented themselves.
        _Right then. Here I go._ Marsha stood, and snapped the torch 
light on, closed her eyes for a moment until they adjusted. She swung 
the torch around until the tomb was in sight. There was no point trying 
to locate Rick. They had tried that before. Many times before. Nothing.
        Marsha strode towards the coffin, but stopped short of actually 
touching it. Right now she knew that Rick was watching her. Before when 
she'd tried to open the lid, he had attacked her.
        "Rick. I want you to listen to me. You know me. Marsha." As she 
said her name, there was a faint kind of echo. Marsha, the room whispered.
        Marsha swallowed. "Yes. Marsha." She paused, but heard nothing 
this time. "I'm your friend. I want to open that lid, and I don't want 
you to attack me. Can you do that? Rick? Are you there? Can I touch the 
lid? Rick?"
        Straining her ears, Marsha listened as hard as she could. Was 
there a response? Was no response a response?
        _Marsha?_ Marsha jumped. Although it hadn't been said, it 
sounded suddenly loud in her mind.
        _Not now, Peter,_ she thought back.
        Aware of a sensation under her hand, Marsha looked down slowly 
to see her hand resting on the lid, where she must have placed it when 
Peter startled her.
        Marsha looked around quickly, expecting an attack to come at any 
moment. Even her heart stopped as she waited. Nothing. Always nothing.
        "Rick, I'm going to open the lid now. I take it as a good sign 
that you haven't attacked me yet." Again she paused. After a moment, she 
gripped the lid, and pulled.
        Marsha, the room whispered again. Marsha jumped again, but held 
onto the lid. Straining, Marsha lifted the lid. Just a fraction, but she 
moved it. And she wasn't attacked.
        However, the lid was too heavy to hold, and she had to release 
it. There was only a faint crump as the lid settled back down, as if it 
hadn't even noticed her effort.
        "Rick. That's good, Rick. See, we can still work together. Can I 
see you now, Rick? I'd like to see you again, Rick. We're friends, 
aren't we? We're friends now. Rick?"
        Marsha, the room breathed. Marsha. Marsha.
        "Rick? Are you there?"
        Marsha became aware of a low vibration, which quickly grew into 
a large vibration. Marsha shone the torch around, seeing plaster and 
dirt fall from the walls and the ceiling as the room shook. The quake 
grew into a sizeable movement, and Marsha could barely stay standing up.
        There was a creaking, a cracking, then Marsha felt more than saw 
the pillar next to her slowly start tumbling, falling, dropping on her.
        "Yaaah!" she screamed, as she threw herself out of the way. The 
pillar fell, crashing to the ground, cracking into large pieces, barely 
missing her foot.
        _What's going on?_ Peter asked.
        _Not now!_ Marsha responded, scrambling up. Another violent shock 
sent her tumbling, and the torch skittered across the floor out of her 
        That seemed to be some kind of signal, as the room calmed down 
again. Marsha just lay on the floor, getting her breath back. Was that 
Rick who did that? Was he... the whole room? Was that possible?
        There was still a sound of falling dirt somewhere in the far 
corner. For the first time it occurred to her that she could be buried 
        _Er... Peter... do you mind if we change over?_
        _Why? What happened?_
        _Noth... I'd just like to change over._
        Peter looked around. There was some changes here. He spotted the 
torch lying some distance away, and crawled over to it. Picking the 
torch, Peter spotted something puzzling on the torch cover. Some kind of 
strange goo...
        Something splattered onto his head. Without looking up, but very 
aware of the blackness above him, Peter reached up and scraped some of 
it off with his fingers, and looked at it in the torch light. Goo. Green 
        Finally, knowing that whatever happened next would not be 
pleasant, Peter looked upwards. The torch light glinted off something 
bright, and pointy. A sense of dread crept over him as his imagination 
filled in the details the torch didn't pick up. Large jaws. A sleek 
head. A lithe slithery body. An Alien.
        It dropped. Peter threw up his hands to cover his head and-
        *flash of green*
*flash of green*
        and yelled, screamed, but nothing descended upon him. Slowly, 
Peter became aware that he wasn't in darkness, wasn't lying on stone, 
but out in the desert, under the baking sun. He uncovered himself and 
looked around, squinting his eyes in the glare.
        "Peter? You okay?" A pair of hands helped him up, and Peter made 
out the form of Barry. He looked at Barry with one eye closed, the 
brightness almost painful after his incarceration.
        "What's happening?" Peter asked.
        "Oh, the usual. Mega-bad villains with enough power to destroy 
the earth want to kill us all..."
        "I saw Acton Lord here," Peter said.
        "Yeah, he is. But he isn't the one to be worried about."
        Barry must have seen his surprised expression as he added. 
"Yeah, it's this guy." Barry waved his hand towards something, and Peter 
turned, getting an impression of black and wrongness of shape. He 
blinked his eyes, finally getting them adjusted. "Remember Faq Boy from 
Allen's dimension? Well, when we killed the Roster King, the corruption 
force that was powering him jumped into Faq Boy. Or Faq Lord, as he's 
known now."
        "Oh." Well, that summed things up nicely. "What happened to 
        "She's been taken over," Barry said, in a forced light tone. "I 
guess the same happened to Rick?"
        Peter spotted Rick, sitting on his haunches by Faq Lord. Like 
Missy he was now green. However, he was very little like the man Peter 
knew. His form was shifting, from a dog, to the Alien, to a bear, to 
something with more blades than a kitchen knife set... The corruption 
was screwing his system up royally.
        "Well, isn't this a pleasant reunion," Faq Lord wheezed. "We are 
gathered here, ladies and gentlemen, to mourn the passing of the people 
once known as the Alt.Riders. Their stay on this mortal coil was brief, 
but in their time they did good. And this is their just desserts."
        Acton Lord snickered at this. "Yeah. Time for some superheroes 
to get exactly what's coming to them."
        "Query: sudden endurance test?" Missy asked.
        Rick agreed as well, although his expression of agreement was 
more of a howl than any recognisable speech.
        "Wake up," said Faq Lord, raising a hand. "Time to die!"
        "Barry, any ideas?" Peter asked Barry out the side of his mouth.
        "No, you."
        "One. Killfile."
        "Killfile. Trap him."
        "He'll corrupt it."
        "Killfile is already corruption of thread. Can't hurt."
        Faq Lord hadn't moved during this, but rather seemed to be 
listening. And smiling. "Can't hurt," he whispered quietly.
        Barry raised his hand, then paused. "My dream..."
        "What?" Peter hissed.
        "My dream. Allen said to kill him."
        "He's right in this case."
        "But I-"
        "You don't have a choice," Peter snapped. How much longer would 
Faq Lord wait?
        Barry nodded finally. "THREAD!" he yelled, his suit turning 
blue. There was a flash of blue and then-
        Everyone stood still, unsure how to react. Where the 
Net.Elementalist stood there was now only a patch of empty ground. Peter 
put his hand out, and waved in the newly vacated space, as if Barry had 
just turned himself invisible.
        "Nooo!" Faq Lord howled. "He was supposed to kill me!"
        Everyone turned to him.
        "All that effort wasted," Faq Lord hissed, more to himself. 
"Placing those dreams in his mind. So that he would kill me, and torture 
himself over it. He most of all deserved to suffer."
        "You were going to let him live?" Acton Lord asked, getting to 
the point most concerning him. "You said he would die! All superheroes 
would die!"
        "Oh shut up," snapped Faq Lord. "I am beginning to regret 
releasing you." Turning back to Peter, he continued. "I guess this one 
will have to do." Looking at Missy, he said, "Since you have been most 
patient, I shall let you have your chance to test him."
        Faq Lord raised his hand, and a ball of black energy formed, 
writhing and squiring, as if alive. "Pure corruption," Faq Lord 
breathed, looking lovingly at it. "Beautiful." The ball bulged and 
twisting, shapes forming half-seen, then with a definite purpose. The 
thing finally formed into a black, evil-looking gun, slick and shiny.
        "The gun, one of the most potent symbols of corruption," Faq 
Lord said. "With it, one feels invincible, one has the power to do 
anything. And yet it is only with the gun that one has that power. In 
the end, it is the gun, not the person, who is in control."
        Carefully, he placed the gun into Missy's hands. "Be careful 
with that, my dear. Distilled corruption. That has the power to corrupt 
even cells themselves. I believe that it will eat up a body, destroy it 
from the inside out. But I've never really seen it in action before. 
Shall we give it a trial run?"
        Missy barely gave the gun a glance. It was a tool, something to 
be used to gather more knowledge, and that countered more than anything 
else. Any ends, and any means justifying them. Wasn't that what science 
really was?
        She raised the gun in her pudgy green hands, sighting along the 
barrel, until it was centered on Peter's chest.
        Peter raised his hands placatingly. "Missy. Don't," was all he 
said. Despite her ability to survive being shot, this wasn't a time for 
Marsha to be around. Whereas he might be able to quieten the corruption 
down, like he did before with Acton Lord's powers.
        Hmm... perhaps they did have a bond after all... on the other 
hand, this wasn't the time to be thinking about that... on the other 
hand, he might not have that much time left to think anythi-
        "I hope no-one was going to start without me." The voice cut 
threw them all, immediately drawing everyone's attention.
        "The final piece," said Faq Lord. "I was so hoping you were 
        "Oh, I just hate to disappoint. Peter, nice to see you. Missy, 
please put that down, you don't know where it's been. Rick... uhhh... 
nice doggy."
        "Agent," said Faq Lord. "This I have been looking forward to 
immensely. You corrupted. It should be most interesting. Although some 
might wonder if there'd be any difference at all."
        "Yeah, keep those laughs coming," Agent replied. "Although watch 
out, or you might just crack up."
        Peter winced. That was about as funny as the hat convention joke 
in _Hudson Hawk_.
        "Is he mine to take out?" Acton Lord asked, anticipation obvious 
in his voice.
        "Wait just a moment. I'm sure he has a last ditch save-the-world 
trick he has to pull first."
        "One moment," Agent said. "Peter, where's Barry."
        "Never mind, tell me later. Batter up." Taking advantage of his 
own created distraction, Agent pulled something out from the folds of 
his jacket, which he wore, even in this heat, and bowled it at Faq Lord.
        Peter got the impression of something silver, and very 
unspottable, but it was too fast to see. A blast of green energy, then 
black energy, washed over it, but to no effect.
        Despite the speed, the next moments were in slow motion for 
Peter. The silver something struck Faq Lord, directly on the forehead. 
Faq Lord's head snapped back, the silver object spinning off the side, 
out of sight. Faq Lord slowly tumbled backwards, collapsing onto the sand.
        Time snapped back into normal speed as Acton Lord screamed, and 
put his hands to his head, and sank onto his knees.
        Agent and Peter ignored him, racing instead to the side of Faq 
Lord. He was unconscious, but still breathing.
        "What?" Peter asked.
        "The sphere of density."
        "*What?*" Peter asked again, slightly incredulous he had heard 
        "The *sphere* of *density*. Later," Agent hissed, reaching out 
and taking Faq Lord's pulse. "He's still alive. Somehow we've got to 
keep him unconscious."
        "How? Hit him again?"
        "I don't know," said Agent through gritted teeth. "But-"
        Even later, Peter wasn't sure exactly how events went. There was 
a shot, Faq Lord's body twitched, then he saw a large hole in Faq Lord's 
        He and Agent made eye contact, then they both swung around to 
see Missy, standing there, with the gun pointed at Faq Lord.
        "Query: Corruption effect corruption? Test."
        Peter and Agent shared a look again. "Get that gun off her," 
Agent said. Peter nodded, and reached up and pulled the gun from Missy's 
grasp. He dropped it immediately, it felt slimy in his hands.
        Agent was studying the hole. "Look," he said, pointing.
        Around the edges of the hole, there were signs of activity. 
Something moving about. A definite impression of consumption.
        "Back," Agent said, thrusting out an arm. But Peter had no 
inclination to go further. Faq Lord's head collapsed like a deflated 
balloon, his insides eaten out by his own manufactured corruption. There 
was probably irony in that, and in Missy using Faq Lord's own gun 
against him, but Peter decided that was best left to Irony Man to deal 
        The rest of the body quickly followed, and soon there was 
nothing left but an empty skin, and then even that was gone. Peter felt 
distinctly ill.
        Peter turned away, and so saw Missy and Rick. They were both 
lying on the ground, collapsed. Slowly the green was draining away from 
them, leaving them their normal colour. And shape.
        "Look," Peter said.
        Agent glanced over. "Like vampirism, I suppose. Kill the main 
source of corruption, and the rest fades away."
        Peter frowned at Agent. Corruption didn't work like that in his 
experience. "Hey, you get a virus or something, your body over comes 
in," Agent said, somewhat defensively. "Just a different form of 
corruption, that's all. Anyway, that's three down, one-"
        "Gah!" A sound interrupted him, drawing their attention over to 
Acton Lord, who was getting to his feet. "No more," he growled. "I'm in 
control, and you all die!"
        Green energy burst from his hands, but suddenly Acton Lord went 
ramrod stiff. He breathed out something not far from a death rattle, 
then pitched forwards into the sand.
        "I don't know," replied Agent, scuttling to Acton Lord's side to 
turn him over. "Something happened to him. At least we don't have to 
deal with that. We'll just stick him back in the Safe, and let them take 
care of him."
        "Too easy."
        "Maybe. Maybe not," said Agent, chewing on a thumbnail absently. 
There was something...
        "All right?" Peter's question interrupted his thoughts, and he 
turned back to see Peter looking over Missy and Rick.
        "They'll be fine. Just like I said, just like getting over the 
        "Yet," Peter waved a hand, and Agent turned to see the pyramid 
melting and collapsing in on itself like an icecube under hot water. 
Further glances revealed the same thing happening to the jeep and the gun.
        "You can't compare!" said Agent. "They're inorganic! Just be 
glad the comics code mean those two get to keep their clothes."
        "He said..." Peter started, indicating the spot where Faq Lord 
had been.
        "Well, he would hardly say 'this is just a temporary measure, 
and they'll be fine once you kill me. Go on then, give it a shot. Kill 
me.' Pah. Now, what happened to Barry?"
        "Thread," Peter quoted. He threw up his hands "Poof!"
        "Thread, poof?" repeated Agent, throwing his hands up as well.
        Peter shrugged. Then he put forward a question of his own. 
"Sphere? Density?"
        "Oh that," said Agent, returning his attention back to the prone 
form of Acton Lord. "It's a very dense sphere. Hence 'sphere' of 
'density'. Very useful for knocking people out. Generally can't be 
        "Where from?"
        "A warehouse. Lots of stuff in there. Christ's crown of thorns. 
The Ark of the Covenant. Adam's draedle. Nostrodamus's other 
predictions." Agent looked around absently. "Did you see where it went? I 
have to give it back."
        Peter looked around, and pointed. Agent followed the finger and 
ground. There was a depression in the ground. "It sank!"
        "Of course it's heavy. Needs a J34 to lift it. Oh, I'm not 
looking forward to the paperwork on that one." Agent sighed. "Come on. 
Let's go call for a pick-up team."
        Peter put out an arm as Agent crossed nearby. "What?" Agent 
asked, getting impatient.
        "Barry." Peter's face was pale. "Alice."
Abby looked over at the two grownups who were "friends". Not that they 
were very friendly at the moment. Whatever they were saying was upsetting 
mommy. Abby hugged her mother tightly, sharing the anxiety but not 
really understanding it.
        Alice hugged Abby to her, not noticing Abby's own tight grasp, 
not when she had other thoughts on her mind. "He's gone away before 
though, hasn't he," said Alice, trying to make her words light. "There 
was that time you went to Missy's planet. Never told me about that until 
        "But, well..." Marsha and Rick shared a look. This wasn't easy. 
"Well, then, you see... we were still together. Yes, we were split up on 
the planet, but we still knew that that the others were there. We... we 
have no idea where Barry is. We don't even know why he disappeared."
        "We're sure it's got something to do with his thread powers," 
Rick continued. "But he's tried using them before without this happening."
        "Yes, I know," Alice responded, somewhat distantly. "He's 
practiced here before. Caused a bit of a mess with his killfiles before 
the neighbours started complained." Alice tried to smile, but her heart 
wasn't in it. Her heart was some place very distant at this moment.
        "But we'll continue looking for him," put in Marsha quickly. "We 
wont give up, but it... it might take some time, that's all..."
        "We thought you should know," Rick said, a bit lamely.
        "Yes, thank you," said Alice, the words coming automatically. 
"Is there something I can get you? A cup of..." The words faded as the 
emotions started to rise in her.
        Marsha and Rick caught each other's eyes, and quickly rose. "No, 
that's okay," Marsha said. "We'd better be on our way. We just... we 
        Rick led the way out, Alice staying behind. They hadn't reached 
the transporter yet when Marsha heard the first sob, her face wincing in 
        "We'll find him," said Rick, taking Marsha's arm companionably.
        "I know. I know."
"Is he getting worse?" one of the doctors asked, observing Acton Lord's 
room on the closed circuit camera.
        "He's more violent now," another responded, her words evidenced 
by Acton Lord, restrained though he was in a heavy duty straight jacket, 
thumping himself time and again into a nearby wall.
        "And, conversely," put in another observer, "he isn't speaking 
at all."
        "And there's nothing in the report that says what caused this?"
        "No. Just 'he fell over'."
        "Pah. Typical. They ponce about in their spandex, posturing 
about how they save the world, and yet not one of them has any grounding 
in basic psychological training."
        "Doctor, I think something's happening."
        Acton Lord had quietened down, sitting with his back to one of 
the walls. He just sat there, quietly, unmoving. Statue like.
        "Oh, why couldn't someone have removed that visor. I'd love to 
see what his eyes are doing right at this moment."
        "Er, that is... unwise. The patient became extremely agitated 
the last time someone tried that. She became... well..."
        "Oh. Yes. Well. Never mind." The doctor moved closer to the 
screen, as if that would enable him to get deeper into the mind of the 
person on screen. "Still, it would be fascinating..."
The last time its host was destroyed, it returned to its own dimension 
for a new host, but not this time. Here was one that was perfectly 
serviceable. There was only a problem of there already being an 
inhabiting power.
Acton Lord barely twitched now. Whatever happened was beyond him. There 
was only three possible outcomes. Either one force defeated the other. 
Or they cancelled each other out. That one was tricky. He wasn't sure if 
that option meant his own destruction as well. Not that that was an 
entirely displeasing notion at the moment, but there were still so many 
superheroes to take care of...
        Or there was the third option. The two forces combined, 
channeled through one being. Him. Yes, that option would do very 
nicely, thank you...
NEXT ISSUE: Barry's gone! Lost and alone somewhere! Come with us on a 
journey and exploration into one man's soul and find out that... on the 
other hand, the circus is in town, and the Alt.Riders are the main 
Acton Lord still belongs to Dvandom, who may now be regretting lending 
him to me. The others are mine.
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