The Alt.Riders

A team series featuring Agent, Morph, Missy, Dva and the Net.Elementalist, written by Jamas Enright. Main concept: To intercept the disasters before they reach somewhere people care out.
Winner of RACC 7: Favourite Acraphobe Offering.
(Go check out the definition of "outriders" sometime...)
The Alt.Riders #1
Introductory issue - meet the team, and learn the history. Just how did this soon-to-hopefully-be legendary group of heroes come to be together?
The Alt.Riders #2
As the Net.Elementalist practises his powers, he finds that all is not normal in the world according to lag. Softcentre and Silence get mixed up with Morph, as they harmlessly go out to lunch.
The Alt.Riders #3
What has happened to Softcentre and Silence? Also, the Net.Elementalist is hell bent on revenge, no matter what the cost.
Moles are coming
The Alt.Riders #4
On another planet, the Alt.RIders are split. The Net.Elementalist and Morph look to the Moles, and Agent and Dva commune with the Chubs.
The Moles
and the Chubs
The Alt.Riders #5
The Moles are the Chubs live together, or do they? Can the Alt.Riders help to keep the fragile peace?
The Alt.Riders #6
The Mank of the Mandrake, Prelude: Who is this strange person claiming to be the Net.Elementalist's wife? The answer lies in Phila.DEL.phia, but other things lie there too.
The Alt.Riders #7
The Mank of the Mandrake, Part One: Something strange is happening in the Wishful Star building, and the Alt.Riders' investigations lead them to a beastial confrontation.
The Alt.Riders #8
The Mank of the Mandrake, Part Two: The Alt.Riders reinfultrate the Wishful Star building in an attempt to gather more information, and the background of Drake is revealed.
The Alt.Riders #9
The Mank of the Mandrake, Part Three: The last of the Wishful Star building. The heroes must win the day. Mustn't they?
LNH Comics Presents #34
The Mank of the Mandrake, Epilogue: Our two favourite FBI agents journey to Phila.DEL.phia to investigate the aftermath, and end up in the depths of the city.
The Alt.Riders Christmas Special
The true meaning of Christmas is revealed as the Alt.Riders journey to witness the birth of Christ. But all is not as merry as it seems.
The Alt.Riders #10
Utah is now home to some very weird earthquakes, and the Alt.Riders must investigate. But what they find out has potiential to rock the world.
The Alt.Riders #11
Rick gets in deep, and Dva tries to make a break for freedom. And then Rick is faced with the ultimate choice.
The Alt.Riders #12
The conclusion as Bennington sets off the final bomb, and Morph, Dva and Agent all face their deaths.
The Alt.Riders #13
In Alt.oona there's a haunted house. When Alice investigates, Barry is forced to go in after her.
The Alt.Riders #14
It's, but why, when "Do you want to live in" is a qeustion on a sanity test?
The Alt.Riders Year 2000 Special
The year 2000 is approaching, and the Alt.Riders investigate Mandrake's suspiscious activities.
The Alt.Riders #15
Rick. In Queen Bee Towers. Oh, the joy, the joy.
The Alt.Riders #16
The Alt.Riders return to to find all is not as it was.
The Alt.Riders #17
What of the Queen Bee? What of Captain Cleanup?
The Alt.Riders #18
Frank Bennington makes a play for the remains of the Queen Bee Towers.
The Alt.Riders #19
Some strange appears in Egpyt and the Alt.Riders are there to investigate.
The Alt.Riders #20
It's big villain time! And here's one of the worst you could get.
The Alt.Riders #21
And if he's the worst, what does that make this guy?
The Alt.Riders #22
After a long period away the Alt.Riders are back! And not up and around.
The Alt.Riders #23
The circus is in town, and everyone gets a ride. Whether they want to or not.
The Alt.Riders #24
The Alt.Riders are called to Got.ham City to help protect some stores. But that might not go very well... [Note: This takes place after Captain Everything #1.]
The Alt.Riders #25
He's back! And he's also back! The hell?
The Alt.Riders #26
You are hereby cordially invited to dine with the Alt.Riders in beautiful Got.ham Plaza.
The Alt.Riders #27
Welcome to God! Join us for a special show. Tonights guests: The Alt.Riders!
The Alt.Riders #28
It's the LNH! Hurrah the heroes! With them on our side, how can we lose?
The Alt.Riders #29
Got.ham City is under the thrall, and so is everyone else. Now we must all bow down...
The Alt.Riders #30
Someone's not doing to good. Will this be the first death of The Alt.Riders?
The Alt.Riders Election Special
It's election time, and in 24 hours everything will change...
The Alt.Riders #31
It's the year 2024. Everything is roses, yeah...
The Alt.Riders #32
It's the year 2024. Roses have thorns too...
The Alt.Riders #33
It's the year 2024. Roses aren't forever...
The Alt.Riders #34
It's the city of Net.York, and not a creature is moving...
The Alt.Riders #35
Where does Missy belong? And just who does she belong to?
The Alt.Riders #36
We're all going on a summer holiday.
The Alt.Riders #37
No more working for a week or two.
The Alt.Riders #38
Fun and laughter on a summer holiday.
The Alt.Riders #39
No more worries for me and you.
The Alt.Riders #40
For a week or two.
Fox.Net Special: The Alt.Riders Exposed!
We interrupt this arc to bring you this important breaking news!
The Alt.Riders #41
The holiday is over.
The Alt.Riders #42
The Alt.Riders visit a strange planet that threatens the solar system. This takes place between War Without Worlds #1 and War Without Worlds #2
The Alt.Riders #43
The Alt.Riders visit a strange asteroid under the sea. This takes place between War Without Worlds #2 and War Without Worlds #3
The Alt.Riders #44
Someone is trying to make a monkey out of the Alt.Riders. This takes place after War Without Worlds #3
The Alt.Riders Story Challenge Spectacular
Somewhere there is a mummy a-risin' and the Alt.Riders have only 75 ending words for their sentences to meet the challenge.
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