Blue Light Productions


This is a 'virtual' company that produces LNH and other RACC titles.

Currently, there are four writers in its grasp:

Jamas Enright
Writer of Fan.Boy and World Tales, both LNH titles. After that, he wrote a team title, The Alt.Riders. He did do some other stories, but does not have anything to do with Dvandom Force #66.6. Some of his stuff is influenced by The Residents.
Winner of the THE WRITER MOST HATED BY HIS OWN CHARACTERS AWARD (1996) - for all the scummy thing's he's done to them.
Nominated for the RABBIT BREEDER's CUP, for the most prolific writer of '96.
Campbell "Sasquatch" March
Writer of Guitar Man, an LNH title. Also wrote a Culinery Disaster.
Saxon Brenton
Writer of Limp-Asparagus Lad and Antipodean Antics, both in the LNH.
Ben Rawluk
Prolific writer of Kid Mysticism, Net.Titans, Lurker Lad, Teens in Trenchcoats and a few other LNH stories. Ben also has his own web-page at
Winner of the RACC 11 award of '96 - Most Improved Author.

These aren't all the stories the writers have written. Here are the other ones.

These stories can be read in series order, but there is another way. As each story influences others around it, so are these stories influenced by other series. Hence, here is a list of the stories in production order.

And, here are the roster entries for the heroes and villains in the BLiP titles. To be updated when we get around to it. (Currently waaaaay out of date.)

Blue Light Productions also brings MiSTings to you!

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