"So you thought you might like to go to the show,
 To feel the warm thrill of confusion and space cadet glow?

 Is something eluding you, sunshine?
 Is this not what you expected to see?
 If you want to find out what's behind these cold eyes,
 You'll just have to claw your way thorugh this disguise."
                                                In The Flesh?, Pink Floyd


Hello, And How Is It With You? (he asks in a fake Yiddish accent). PUT THAT
PHONE DOWN BARBARA! And now for the weather report, right now it's raining
cats and dogs, but this is due to lighten to merely kittens and puppies...
(Put that chainsaw away now, I will not tell you again)... Yip yip yip yip
yipyipyipyipyip... Drastic isn't it?... Of the two of us, I think the cat
said it better... "Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart.".. Yes, and the
trousers are a wee bit tight... AND DON'T YOU EVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN!!!
*slams door*

(Note: None of the above thoughts are those of the user. I'm not that

Zootlewurdle zootlewurdle zootlewurdle...

(And now for something completely the same, a man with two fish)

NAME: Which one? I have so many.  Currently, I'm know as Thaddeus P.
Ritchards, Jamas Enright, Peter Markam, and (for some reason) Bill Og.

OTHER NAMES: Lyranthor, Karfel, Bocker, and Ramein Longsword. {For those of
you who recognise these things, they are all D&D characters that I'm playing)

(Split personalties? Nyahh! Just fractal :)

RANK: Soon to be "Tool of the Universe." (This is for deep psychotic reasons
that I only tell to my security blanket. Yes, I am very insecure. I need to
be secured down every night :)

THEME SONG: "Fade to black", Metallica.

FAVOURITE LINE FROM THEME SONG: "I was me, but now he's gone."

MY ATTITUDE TOWARDS CAFFEINE: (sacrilegiously ripped from Pink Floyd)

I don't need no caffeine in me.
I don't need no drugs at all.
I don't need to drink my bloodstream.
And I don't suffer from withdrawl.


All in all, it's just another
Fix of the wall.
All in all, you just get another
Fix from the wall.

(A wee explanatory note for the chorus. The wall is the wall around you built
up by drugs.)

(Originally, it was that "The Wall" by Pink Floyd was as addictive as
caffeine, and therefore you could get a fix from it. The above
interpretation still hold thou'.)

(Are you really still reading this? I gave up long ago)

HOBBIES: Writing, Doctor Who (the TV series, not Alden), writing, other
scifi, writing, D&D, writing, reading, writing, looking after my fish,
writing, computers, writing, writing, and writing.

FAVOURITE AUTHOR: Stephan R. Donaldson (WF to him forever :)

                     CRYSTAL OF COMMAND
                        Jamas Enright

The ball bounced up and down on the pavement, finally rolling to a stop in
the gutter. As Darien bent down to pick it up, he caught a flash of something
out of the corner of his eye. Looking further up the gutter, he saw a large
regularly shaped crystal. It sparkled in the afternoon sun, and its
shineness was just tempting enough to little boys who keep suchthings.
        Darien reached out and picked it up. The crystal was warm to the
touch, and lay invitingly in his hand. He started deep into its glow. Its
glow? Yes, now the crystal was glowing, shining with its own inner light.
        "Like me..."
        Darien jerked up. The voice... there was a voice in his head.
        "LOVE ME..."
        He twisted around, trying to see who was doing this to him. The voice
was louder, more insistant, but Darien couldn't see the source of it.
        "WANT ME!!!"
        His eyes now focussed on the crystal. It was glowing white, burning
white hot. He reflexivily let go of the crystal, and it tumbled to the
ground, its inner light fading.
        Darien stared at the crystal. Now it was inert, lifeless. Darien
becked away hesitantly, then turned and fled for his life.

The man paused on his walk home. Everyday he took this route, but not every
day he saw the crystal that caught his eye.
        He picked it up, constrasting the pale clearness of the crystal with
the black of his palm.
        "Very nice," thought the man to himself. "It's a pity it's so small."
        "You would like me bigger?" The thought can straight into the man's
head. He jerked upright in surprise.
        The crystal grew larger, grew outwards, grew around the man's palm,
and up his arm. Soon the shoulder was covered. The man tried to scream but
his head was soon coated by the crystal. In a few moments, all that remained
was a crystal statue of stunning acceracy.
        All too soon the size diminished. The crystal shrunk, taking on it's
normal proportions.
        It lay on the street glowing...
        ...wanting more.

(to be continued)

OTHER OCCUPATIONS: One of the members of the Wellington Doctor Who Fan Club
committee. (ie, the Wellington chapter of the New Zealand Doctor Who Fan

(My philosophy might be considered at detracting from the wonderfulness of
this, but, if you don't like it, don't read it :)

MY PHILOSOPHY: Everything that happens to the body can be interpreted as
chemical changes. This also includes the mind. The mind is very much
fundamentally interconnect with the body. Why else would it "shut down" when
we sleep, why can't we keep thinking? If we are knocked unconscious, the
mind goes "out" too. Brain damage can result in stranges modes of thinking.
        Therefore, the mind is interconnected to the body, and subject to
laws (what they are, we don't know, but there are some). Therefore, given
the laws and the variables, we could work out what would happen, what anyone
person would do, in any situation.
        From this, all we follow are laws, and the future could be worked
out. That is, we are just chemical changes, subjected to laws in everything
we do and think.
        Therefore, there is no free will (as every action can be determined),
and, equally, there is no "destiny" for humankind, as that would mean there
is some "ultimate" reason for what we do, and there isn't. We just plod
along, and follow our chemical laws.
        There is no reason for living or dying, it just happens.

RELIGION: I don't have one. However, I do have a personal theory what means
that God is Jupiter. Actually, I've thought about it for a bit, and decided
that I'm an agnostic (although apathetic would be closer to the truth :)

**To be updated when I get bored enough**

I was last bored enough on 8-6-94

(This query file was brought to you without the aid of caffeine :)

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