Vandy Animation "Club"

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Wot's all this, then?

I often wonder that myself. The Vandy Animation Club (can't call ourselves the Vanderbilt Animation Club 'cos we're not official) has been around since, uhm, oh, spring 94. Real long time, not. Basically, it's highly informal, and consists of a bunch of people hanging out and watching anime.
Oh, you mean, what's anime? (it's italic because it's a vocabulary word -- there will be a test at the end of this page). Anime means different things to different people, but since I'm writing this page we'll use my definition (nyah!). Basically, anime is Japanese Animation. "So?" you ask. "You guys get together and watch cartoons, and that's fun?" Well, IT'S NOT CARTOONS, IT'S ANIMATION!!! Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, we watch it 'cos it's cool. Nice artwork, interesting plots, characters with more than 2 dimensions, realism (yay, realism!). Not to mention girls with big eyes piloting large (very, VERY large) robots mounting weapons capable of destroying whole planets. ("Don't move or the fleet gets it, buddy!").

So, uhm, what do you guys do at club meetings?

Watch anime. I thought we went over that already.

What else do you besides watch anime?

Trade anime. A list of the stuff the club has that's in tradable condition is at the bottom of the page. [Note: we do NOT trade stuff that's been liscensed already in the US. Period. No exceptions. I'm serious. Really. Stop looking at me like that!]

So, who's in this thing, anyway?

Thought you'd never ask.

Inner Circle Members

What kind of procedures and rules are there?

We make them up as we go along. If it really came down to it, rules would be decided by a consensus of Inner Circle members.
As far as borrowing one of the tapes from the "club library", anyone in the club with Full Circle status or above can borrow a tape at any time. If you don't return it, you will be subjected to the dreaded Public 'Ni'-ing. Half Circle-status members are required to put down a deposit to cover the cost of the tape. If the tape doesn't come back by the alotted time (extensions will be made for extenuating circumstances yadda yadda), we will post strange messages about you in the Rand bathrooms.

What kind of meetings and stuff are there?

We have regular meetings on Saturdays, and these are open to anyone who cares to come. I'll be there unless I'm dead, so there will be meetings on Saturdays even if I'm the only one there. The place of the meeting changes to protect the secrecy of our club, and also because if we advertised the meeting place and time, it would be classified as a "public showing", and we could get in deep cow droppings.
There are also "Inner Circle meetings", which occur as often as are necessary, and it's at these where we show the really fun stuff that doesn't make it to the Saturday meetings. These are not open to the public, unless we forget to close the doors or something. Just thought you'd like to know.
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