Yes, apparently there are other people out there who are just as weird, wild and crazy as I am.

Some of them angst, though. It's not my fault. Er, well, not generally, anyway.

Also keep in mind I read these things through Lynx, so if your browser is suddenly throttled by a gigantic Shockwave module or someone, ahem, decides they hate and loathe Internet Explorer and wish to never see its evil face again, then, well, don't come blame me.

Without further ado... The Other Journals.

Eric Burns' Annotations
Also known as Lord Sabre, which is a noun, as in "Why won't Sabre update more, damn his eyes?" Currently lives in Maine, which we can forgive. Current relations rather detente-ish, following the release of political prisoners and re-opening of embassies. First encountered through the Superguy list, many eons ago.
Mason Kramer & Strange Blog
There's a betting pool open as to when Mason will update again. I stand to win a lot of money if he keeps inactive for a few more weeks. Lives in Maine, works for/with Eric. Currently unlikely to face spontaneous thermo-nuclear attack. Also encountered through the Superguy list.
Gina's Adventures at 50 Feet
Sound and Fury. 'nuff said. Gina lives in New Jersey, although in the not soul-rendingly bad part. Also a contestant in the "updates, updates, who's got the updates?" sweepstakes. Current relations are beyond your security clearance, Citizen. First encountered through the Superguy list.
Rob Furr's Radio Free Tycho
Rob Furr, he whose pants are truly mighty. Also first encountered through the Superguy list, where he somehow managed to endure my early, pretentious days as a writer without ambushing me in a back alley somewhere and throttling me.
Bill Dickson's Man out of Time
The stories of a Seattle-ite, with all that entails, namely, micro-brew, Nerf(tm) weaponry, and ferries. I'd envy him if there weren't tons of people cheerfully working towards Washington State's destruction through the public initiative laws. Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha. I first encountered Bill during the Superguy list-serv thing, which he was fairly prolific in before having his brain warped by two-stroke scooter exhaust.
Sara Astruc's Perfect Way
A journal sort of person who inspired Bill to get into journalling, which then echoed through the rest of us. So this is all her fault.
Gail Shochet's Quiddity
Gail lives near Baltimore, although I'm not entirely sure why. Unlike many of these motley characters, I've actually met her! Which is proof that either she exists, or my imagination is getting really good at generating figments.
Gary Olson, Big Tall Man
Also known as The Swede, yet another wild and crazy guy from the wilds of Superguy, Listserv of the Stars. May or may not be engaged in a lutefisk-related plot for total world domination.
John Bankert's Irrelevant Front
John Bankert, another fellow from (wait for it...) the zany days of Superguy. Bets are still open on wether his daughter, when she grows up, will be inspired by embarassing diaper-related tales in John's journal to take up a career as a super-villainess to get revenge. Place yours today!
Playing the "Two Degrees of Superguy" game, Shelley is someone we learned about through Bill. Despite Bill's legendary lack of taste, Shelley turned out to be pretty cool. And surly. But we like surly.
John Scalzi's Whatever
This here boy is brilliant, although you will certainly disagree. But hey, that's what disagreements are for. He writes reviews of things, and I like to support fellow surly reviewers.
Dirk Myer's Sporadically
Dirk gets to sit near the end, here, because he's the guy who hates Internet Explorer and tends to make his pages not work for it. Granted, he has perfectly good reason for doing so, but hey. Oh, and he's someone else from Superguy, which produces more surly writers per unit volume than anywhere else, apparently.
Kate's Slow Crafting of a Life
Not often updated, as she's a freelance writer, and thus can't slack as much as, oh, say, me. But hey. Shockingly, she fits into the "Two Degrees of Superguy" game, but not through Bill.
Applejuice Motorcycle Sorcerer
Being one of those methodical people, I link to anyone who links to me. I think this girl's a Superguy reader. I'm not sure, though. Angstful.
Dusty Rhodes Columns 2000
Not technically an on-line journal, but what the hell, it's regular and opinionated, which is close enough.
And another one is added to the journalling collective. Buwahahahahaha.
None can resist the awesome power of the journalling collective! A-hahahahahahaha!!!

Other Dramatis Personae and Important People: