Looking at the Alfar

By: Joey O'Leary

1.0 History of the Alfar

1.1 From the Dawn of time until the Concordat

Little is known of the past of our King and Queen, Oberon and Titiana, or for that matter of the people and lands which was once their home. Below is all the facts that have been gathered by our people and those told to us by our rulers over the 5000 years since the birth of the first alfar.

Oberon and Titiana lived on an island where most, if not all, the population was were gods, in power if not in name. It was, from what we can tell, a Paradise of Magic and Power. Sorcery and Magic reached heights that have yet to be duplicated anywhere on Earth in both power and and in the number of those who practised these arts. The people of this island called themselves Titans and were a proud people. But, as always, Paradise was lost.

The reasons why are vague but it is known that the people of the island fought against each other. What little we know seems to suggest that our King and Queen were part of the side that was victorious, if any side could truly claim victory. They spoke of the war only on one occasion that the author knows of. They spoke of kin killing kin and friend slaying friend, of terrible weapons that could have destroyed the Earth, and of their enemies which were more foul than Loki and more insane then Shiva. Of the cause of this war we have only rumour, that the people who Oberon and Titiana fought against had some goal or plan so foul (what this was varies greatly and we cannot confirm any of them) that their kin who had not taken leave of their senses opposed them.

In the end their island was destroyed and many of their people dead. Oberon and Titiana wandered the globe for the many years, trying to forget the things they had seen and done during the long, bitter conflict. Then they found people who would worship them, our ancestors.

At that time we were only human, although many of the people were magicians or had some small sorcerous ability. They were being attacked by the followers of the foul Kutulu and of Tiamatt for our people would not serve or worship them. We were used as sacrifices and as experiments for the foul ones and their followers. We were taken in and cared for by Oberon and Titiana. In return, and as is just, our ancestors worshipped and revered the two who protected them. They served them well and Oberon and Titiana grew to love our ancestors above all others who worshipped them, for only our ancestors worshipped them alone. And so they changed our ancestors so that they could better serve them and as a reward for their loyalty. Thus the tribe known as the Lvs (the reason why we are sometimes called 'elves' by humans) became the Alfar (meaning 'The Chosen') or the Fay (meaning 'The Children'). Both titles are used by our people although it is generally held that Alfar is the better title for us, of the two. Fayish years started in the year humans now call 3005 B.C., the year when the first true alfar (Tyra Treesinger) was born. All fayish years are referred to as F.B. for First Born, because that is when our people's history truly begins.

We served our rulers well and spread out throughout the world seeking knowledge and experience from all. There was violence in the world but still it was a joyous time. Then however the joy ended. Our scouts and travelers told of horrible battles among the other gods. Of the horror that was Ragnarok, of the death of Gaea, killed by Appollo over the Temple of Delphi. Our rulers knew that if something was not done that once again a horrible war would sweep across the world, and this time perhaps destroy it.

And so the gods met and decided that they must leave the Earth before they destroyed it or each other. And each surviving god forced their will upon reality itself and created realms (if they had not already done so) for themselves. And they left, some weeping over the loss, some never looking back and some doing so only because the alternative was to face the combined wrath of their fellow gods and die.

It was at this time that Oberon and Titiana formed the Fair Lands, a place where not only they, but we their loyal followers could remain. And the people left, for our prophets spoke of destruction and loss should we stay.

1.2 From the Concordat until now

It was at this time that we learned that their are two different types of gods and they were not equal in all things. To be truthful we had been told this before, but we had never actually seen the differences, now we did. The first type are known as the New Ones and our rulers are among their number. They have bodies of their own and do not need worship to survive. The second type, the Spirit-Gods have no bodies of their own and need worship as you or I need food and drink to survive.

This may seem to be a different topic from the heading above but it necessary to state because of the changes that occurred. For with the Concordat and the New Ones leaving the Earth many worshippers of the Spirit-Gods turned away from their masters. This was a terrible time as many gods died. A few of the fallen were Baal, Marduk and Innanna. Others were weakened to a horrifying degree. Some Spirit-Gods, however, were not weakened at all. One of these gods was Loki, who kept enough worshippers to be, relatively, uneffected.

Humanity grew in knowledge over the years and we were able, through the Wanderers, to stay even with humanity in science because of them and because of the efforts of the members of our Crafts.

Civilizations rose and fell. Nations were built on the ruins of older civilizations and, in time, were the ruins that yet newer civilizations built on.

Less and less of our people chose to leave the Fair Lands for a time and stayed in our realm for humanity was becoming too good at the art of death for even a people as hard to kill as we are to ignore, and the wild places we once cherished becoming fewer and fewer as humanity grew and (later) the Europeans expanded their nations to the other parts of the globe.

1.3 Recent Events

In the last century there has been a growing number of Sorcerers or, as humans call them, Omegas. Few of these Omegas know anything of magic and most of them have only limited powers. Some of them however have shown themselves to be impressive in their powers, in their control over them and in the creative uses they have found for them. There are several things that our people must be aware of the Earth as it is now: the Seekers, Stormkiller, the Colony, Dynamax, the Harrakin and Tempest. Remember these things well for the information that follows has cost more than one Wanderer their lives to both get the information and to keep our people a secret.

The Seekers are a group of Omegas that work for the nation known as the United States of America. Their purpose is to find and train new Omegas and to deal with Omega criminals (or so the information we have says). They are a powerful group and cannot be underestimated. They seem to be, for the most part, good people but one cannot help but wonder if they are not pawns in a game. Avoid them if possible.

Stormkiller is a name that few have heard of and is itsalfar dangerous to know. What little we know points to it being a project to prepare weapons to use against Omegas. This should not be surprising since humans have always feared and hated what they envied and could not themselves do or be. They are ruthless and should be avoided at all costs.

The Colony. A group of renegade Omegas in the United States of America. They seem to fight for a world in which Omegas and humans are treated equally. They often attacked Dynamax facilities and may have had something to do with the recent destruction of Dynamax's Detroit facility and the recent discovery of Dynamax's ugly secret.

Dynamax. One of the largest and most powerful genetics companies in the world. It appeared to have been a company that was working for the good of humanity and aiding Omegas. The Wanderers, however, believed that Dynamax was hiding something. Recent events have proven them correct with a vengeance. The reason why Dynamax is still listed here is because of two unanswered questions: 1) who knew what Dynamax was up to; and 2) are any other nations, companies or groups involved in similar barbaric actions.

The Harrakin. A humanoid alien race that has rocked the world with their existance. They have given humanity access to extremely advanced technology, and have unknown powers of their own. The Wanderers are seeking to find out about these people, the technology they've given to the governments of the world and, more importantly, what technological secrets they haven't given to the governments of the world. Extreme caution is stressed and avoidance is strongly suggested for all non-Wanderers until further information on them is gathered.

Tempest. Eric Anderson is an Omega, the most powerful in the world. He is so powerful that he is a god, although it seems that he seems not to want this responsibility. Already there are humans, and even other Omegas, that worship him. Even our rulers are astounded by some of what he has done. He may be connected to the mysterious aliens, the Harrakin; certainly they seem to have a great deal of respect for him (although this information has not been confirmed). He is currently missing but our Lord and Lady do not believe that he is dead. Caution is advised, although the information the Wanderers have gathered seems to suggest that he is not a threat. Any and all information on Tempest should be reported immediately to the Duchess of Summer.

We cannot forget our past either. Shiva recently attempted to slay most of the world's population. Although defeated he may try again. He was able to circumvent the Concordat by claiming the body of a follower. Also, through trickery and guile, Loki was able to escape his prison. What he has planned for the world is unknown but, without a doubt, it will be monstrous.

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