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For those of you who're unenlightened into the way of the One True Kawaii Goddess Nene, you must watch Bubblegum Crisis. Bubblegum Crisis is a Japanese animated series set in the near future (2032-2033), and is based around a group of vigilantes/mercenaries called the Knight Sabers who constantly fight against Genom's heavily-armored combat cyborgs, the Boomers.

Bubblegum Crisis is available in subtitled or (ew!) dubbed format, on both VHS and Laserdisc, from Animeigo, Inc.

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Nene's Background

This is mainly summarized from the translation of Volume 19 of the Entertainment Bible, which talks a great deal about Bubblegum Crisis.

Nene was a stereotypical whiz-kid in school: The best classes the school could offer bored her, and so she started teaching herself wiretapping, code-cracking, and other hacking skills. She ran away from home at an early age (mid-teens), proceeded to hack the government database to change her official age (the kid is GOOD, boys and girls), and take a job with the Advanced Police as a "Communications Specialist". One day, while hacking around in the 'Net, she turned up a "help-wanted ad", which was in reality a "test" of hacking ability. She cracked it, and found out that it was a test for recruitment posed by Sylia Stingray, leader of the Knight-Sabers. And so, Nene joined up, providing the team with EW (electronics-warfare) capabilities, as well as an inside line into the doings of the ADPolice.

Nene's Hardsuit

This picture is a computer-generated graphic done by... somebody...

The primary purpose of Nene's hardsuit is computer interface/electronics warfare, and as such, she's not exactly heavily armed. Eh heh. Make that "practically unarmed". The only discernable weapon on the suit is the multipurpose laser built into the right arm of the suit, which mainly serves for carving the Knight-Sabers name into the ground after they stop a rampaging boomer. The backpack of Nene's suit contains several extending communications/sensor arrays, which are also probably the primary ECM/ECCM projectors also. The right arm of the suit also contains some sort of computer interface cable...

Nene Sounds

Nene's Voice Actress (Seiyuu)

Nene's voice actress is Hiramatsu Akiko.

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