These are all the various RPGs and related things that have built up on my homepage and in my "neat stuff" page until I finally decided to make a place just for them.

Feng Shui stuff

  1. Bryant Durrell's Feng Shui Unofficial Homepage--the best source of Feng Shui info anywhere on the net!
  2. The Feng Shui new player briefing pages
  3. The Jade Agenda, another Feng Shui site with house rules, mook suggestions, and so on.

Adventure! stuff

Adventure! is the latest-published, earliest-set game in the White Wolf Trinity RPG line--a game of daring pulp adventure!
  1. AeonAdventure Yahoo Mailing List Page--a mailing list devoted to discussion of all things Adventure! Also has some file and bookmark resources.

Other stuff

  1. Guns! Links to a lot of handgun information pages
  2. Fuzion World Wide
  3. Heavy Ordnance: A Reflex Roleplaying Game
  4. Here's a Mekton Zeta page.
  5. Phoenyx
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