I don't pretend this is anywhere near complete (yet) but I'm working on it.

Robotech Links

  1. The Robotech: the Third Invid War homepage
  2. Peter Walker's Robotech: Objective Reflex Point homepage (Be warned...lots of pictures).
  3. Peter Fagan's Robotech page
  4. Fox's Robotech page (highly recommended!)
  5. Bas van Krieken's destroid page
  6. The Macross Internet Directory.
  7. Egan Loo's Macross Compendium.
  8. Yahoo Robotech links list
  9. Hook Hua's Robotech page
  10. Joel Whindam's Robotech page
  11. ???'s bilingual Robotech page
  12. Michael White's Robotech links list
  13. GameTek Robotech page
  14. GameTek screenshots page
  15. gkaufman's Zentraedi page (nearly unreadable)
  16. Robotech 2100 RPG supplement
  17. Khyron's Domain page
  18. Rendered Cyclone pictures
  19. Rendered Valkyrie pictures
  20. New! Images from Sony's new Macross playstation game!
  21. Sample chapters from The Masters' Gambit by Jack McKinney
  22. Sample chapters from The Zentraedi Rebellion by Jack McKinney
  23. Results of an InfoSeek Net Search on Robotech