Robotech_Master's Photo Gallery

Here's a fairly low-quality black and white picture of me, circa November 26, 1995. It's not all that great, but it's approximately what I look like. Warning: This photo is fairly large (~360K). Download at your own risk.

A more recent, rather more decently sized picture of me, captured by camera at an SGI Indy workstation. And another, even more recent.

A video capture of Bill Paul ("the hat"), Jon Lennox ("the accomplice"), and myself, courtesy of the InPerson videoconferencing system.

Here's a picture of Gryphon (of Undocumented Features fame) and me.

Got some new pictures in! Here's a picture of our new foal, Khadija bint Mocha, a few days after she was born. That's left to right, Mocha (her mother), my father, and her. Here's another Khadija picture, and here's a couple more, fuzzy from enlargement, of Khadija lying down, and another of her standing up. Here are mother and baby smiling for the camera, a picture of Khadija nursing behind her mother, and one of her nursing in front of her mother. And here's a picture of my mom showing Mocha to my cousin Jacob. (The enclosure is where we kept them for the first few days after the birth.)

Cousin Jacob watches my dad start his 1941 Model B John Deere tractor. Maybe I could do a better job cropping it, but oh well. This picture kind of reminds me of something Norman Rockwell might have painted. Oh, and yes, that is the remains of our outhouse sticking up just to the right of the exhaust stack.

Here's a shot of Rocky the Great Pyrenees, our current dog, and here's another good Rocky shot. And here Rocky wonders, "Why can't all these people just leave me alone?"

Here's a couple photos taken by my father--Aaron and Alex doing a bit of gardening, and a froggy faucet.

The rest of these photos are fairly old...the most recent of them were probably taken sometime around '92. Just thought I'd better let you know that appearances have changed since then...

As kind of an introduction to the Ozarks, here's a couple of shots of the beautiful Ozark mountain region. Here the morning mist rises off a valley near our house, and here is a view from Silver Dollar City's tour train, looking south into Arkansas.


Here I am with a fresh-baked batch of chocolate-chip cookies. If only I hadn't blinked...

Here I am with three of my favorite celebrities, the Riders in the Sky. They're singing cowboys in the Gene Autry/Roy Rogers tradition; they have a weekly NPR radio show and had a short-lived CBS saturday morning show that attempted to replace PeeWee's Playhouse. [Yeah, so I look like a dork in this picture.. Oh, least I met them and got my picture taken with them.]

Critters, Relatives, Friends, and Stuff

Our late dog Babe walks tiredly up the road during a long biking expedition. (In case you're wondering, this is the section of Barry County highway C just north of Junction 248. Hwy 248 goes across the horizon, though you can't see it.)

Another former dog, Twinkie, with our black somewhat-nameless cat. For some reason, Twinkie just loved playing with that cat, and after a while the cat started enjoying (or at least suffering) it too. We eventually gave Twinkie away to some neighbors, and, sadly, she was kidnapped last Halloween and hasn't been seen since.

Here's that cat again, in a picture that shows the beauty of a light cover of snow on ou rhome.

One of our two current dogs, Foxy. She's currently in her teens, was maybe ten to twelve when this shot was taken.

My father is actually somewhat allergic to cats, but you'd never guess it from the way one of our aunt's cats curled up on his lap and got comfortable.

My cousin, Jamie Ronchetto, watches her younger brother knock down the block tower I helped them build. Little kids are just so much fun... :)

Here's a group shot of my younger brothers Aaron and Alex, to either side of my friend Joe Moore.

Here's a really old picture, from back before we moved our kitchen to the new addition we built on. Aaron and Alex seem to be making Christmas cookies. Now, a bit later, we converted this into our computer room, and there are A&A again, this time transferring files from our old 8088 Epson to our newer 386 SX/16 Pacman-Bell.

Here is [put name here] with such a funny expression that I just had to put it up, and here's [insert another name here] apparently indicating that he wants into the house. [Gee, can you tell I have trouble telling them apart?]

Joe Moore can seem fairly normal (as in this picture from when he still wore glasses), but at times can act quite bizarre (as in this picture and this picture).

Horse Pictures

Here's a picture of my father and Adhem, his beloved part-Arabian horse, and another picture of Adhem which I found kind of amusing.

Here a friend of my mom's, Kelley Myers, demonstrates how her horse Smokey likes to drink from the garden hose.

Horse-shoeing can be rather interesting. Here, Mariah (whom we no longer have) demonstrates how she feels about the matter.

Here's a picture of my beloved late Shetland pony Danny-boy, who died at the ripe-old age of thirty-something. One of the longest-lived horses I've ever seen.

Silver Dollar City

Many of the SDC pictures I took aren't all that great, but here are some of the ones I like...

Here I've framed Kelley Myers and the rest of the family in a sign depicting the cross-section of the smallest passage in Marvel Cave, the huge cave that's one of the attractions at this park. Most of the pictures I took down there didn't come out too well, but here's one that did; a rather interesting reflecting pool. Can you tell where the waterline is?

Here's one of the fun rides, the American Plunge. Looks refreshing, huh? Don't wear anything you don't want to get wet. :)

Here's the candymaking show at the Silver Dollar City candy shop. I feel hungry already, don't you?

More stuff coming soon.