Various other neat net things that I don't really need cluttering up my regular homepage.

  1. My shrine to Minerva, the all-time cutest Transformer Headmaster ever.
  2. The Makoto Ito Art Gallery, showcasing the Transformers doshinji of Stars 104A.
  3. The Complete Transformers Listing--the serious Transformers fan's resource page.
  4. Visit Liocaesar's Japanese Transformers webpage to find out all about the Japanese Headmasters, Masterforce, Victory, and Zone shows, among other things.
  5. Looking for a good book? Check out the AlexLit collaborative filtering book recommendation site.
  6. Eyecandy IRC archives homepage
  7. mIRC IRC client homepage
  8. "Crush them now, Giant Robo!!!"
  9. FAQ for Lupin III, the world's greatest thief .
  10. An anagrams page.
  11. Everybody talksabout the weather...WeatherNet gives you a chance to look at it.
  12. Here's Stainless Steel Rat's former Dirty Pair info page, unfortunately removed due to copyright-infringement hassles. (Wait, wait, I meant "Lovely Angels"! Kei, put that rocket launcher down! Aieeee!!! BOOM!)
  13. The Aeon Flux fan homepage
  14. The official MTVAeon Flux homepage
  15. A nice bilingual (French/English) unicorn webpage.
  16. Another unicorn webpage.
  17. At last, someone came up with a Parent's Guide to Anime!
  18. A very cute anime page. Sign the guestbook!
  19. The anime images archive
  20. Sci-Fi Channel: The Dominion
  21. George Goble is utterly fascinating.
  22. Web-Elements
  23. Shakespearian insults generator. Really neat!
  24. Mindmedia: The Human Self Improvement Software: Home Page
  25. Send a post card to someone
  26. Electronic Books Authors List
  27. Del Rey sample book chapters
  28. Reboot web page
  29. The homepage of the American Civil Liberties Union. (Note: this page's inclusion in my links list is not intended to reflect my opinions of this organization's views, ethics, actions, etc. I just think it's a kind of neat page.)
  30. A rather cool music FTP site
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