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To get in touch, you can send me email at, or check out the web communication center that ICQ gives me. You can also send an instant message using the message box at the bottom of this page, or even connect your telephone to me instantly by clicking "Call Me" if you're in the USA. (Though if you're going to do that, I do ask you be prepared to tell me where I know you from. :)

Alas, my Themestream articles are no longer available, due to the website collapsing...without paying me all it owed me, I might add.

If you'd like my PGP public key, here it is.

Listed, the links I like to link to.

  1. Links to and about my Internet Fiction.
  2. New! For keeping up with my day-to-day life, take a look at my short-lived blog and longer-lived LiveJournal. Perhaps I'll try to get some of my Themestream articles up in readable form, too, but for now, you can still read my most popular article, on anime's move to DVD, courtesy of AnimeOnDVD. Also, here is an article about EBSCOhost, which provides full text of many periodical magazines, and can be found at your local library.
  3. New! Links to some of my favorite free ebook resources.
  4. My photo gallery.
  5. My list of Robotech-related pages and sites
  6. Feng Shui and other RPG-related stuff
  7. . This page is a little skimpy right now; I've pruned dead links but not replaced them with any yet.
  8. Other People's Homepages
  9. Other neat net stuff
  10. Take a look at the Jordan Greywolf Art Gallery! (A word of warning...this page has a lot of thumbnail images. If you're on a slow (14.4 or below) modem connection, I advise turning auto-image-loading off before entering.)
  11. Or check out my BotCon 1995 Photo Gallery, if you're a Transformers fan like I am.
  12. The homepage of one of my all-time favorite musical groups, Riders in the Sky, and here's another page about them from AOL.
  13. The Atomic City music homepage
  14. The Internet Movie Database
  15. Wii Gii!!
  16. Almost every tool that exists for performing Internet searches.
  17. There's currently a big ruckus going on about the government's attempt to deprive netters of their free speech rights. Read about it at this WWW page.