Guns! Guns, guns, guns! Whether you like role-playing games, or are just a gun fanatic, here's a bunch of links that should whet your appetite for chrome and lead...
  1. Firearms Image Library
  2. J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum homepage
  3. Handguns homepage
  4. Unofficial Colt M1911 homepage
  5. Unofficial Glock homepage
  6. Unofficial Heckler & Koch homepage
  7. Heckler & Koch and Benelli scanned catalog
  8. Magnum Research homepage
  9. Phillips & Rodgers Medusa (fires 9mm, .38, or .357Mag ammo w/o modification!)
  10. Unofficial Sig-Sauer homepage
  11. Official Smith & Wesson homepage
  12. Official Taurus homepage
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