Robotech_Master's Botcon '95 Photo Gallery

Robotech_Master's Botcon '95 Photo Gallery

Better late than never! After someone quite unexpectedly dropped a 24-bit flatbed scanner in my lap, I realized I had the perfect opportunity to put the roll of Botcon photos I shot back at the '95 convention up for public view.

I've got all the photos I took at the 'con up now, along with descriptions of what they are listed after the thumbnails. Incidentally, if I have a photo of you, or of your artwork, or of something else up that you don't want displayed here, please email me and it will be removed at once.

Also, there are some people here whose names I have quite frankly forgotten. If you see someone you know, or yourself, in one of these pictures, please email me the name of the picture, the name of the person in the picture, and a description of who the person is, what the person is wearing, etc. I'd really appreciate it.

Likewise, if anyone knows where I can find better versions of Makoto Ito (Stars 104A)'s artwork, or where I can contact him myself, please let me know. Thanks!

Dvandom Dvandom & Car Raksha & Avatar ? & Raksha &
Avatar & ? Avatar Eva
Gilmann Art Table More Art More Art Precocious closeup Precocious closeup Precocious closeup Broadway closeup A closer look A Group of Cybertrons A Group of Cybertrons Beret girl Girl & bird More Art More Art Kitbash Table More Kitbash Table Another Display Table Another Display
Table The Dealer Room RoboMACs
demonstration game

I wanted to tag the description next to each thumbnail, but couldn't figure out how, so I guessed that a list of the files and their descriptions would have to do. These are in the same order as the thumbnails are above.

  • dvan.jpg Dave "Dvandom" Van Domelen.
  • dvcar.jpg Dvandom and his Heroic Autobo--er, Automobile.
  • rak01.jpg Raksha, BotCon '95 convention organizer, and her little friend Avatar.
  • rak02.jpg Naomi "Nightbird" Novak, Raksha, Avatar, and (who is that guy being shown Avatar, anyway?).
  • ava.jpg A closeup of Avatar. Don't ask me whose arm that is, his face was cut off in the original photograph too. (Note to attendees...if that is your arm, let me know so I can credit it, okay? :)
  • eva01.jpg German artist Eva Gilmann (in the purple TF Gen 2 logo shirt) stands in front of one of the art displays.
  • art01.jpg A shot of one of the art tables. Visible are various things including a Repairease sketch and pictures of Precocious and other characters by Makoto Ito, aka Stars 104A.
  • art02.jpg More art, mostly by Makoto Ito. As you can probably tell, I snapped most of my art room shots of his stuff.
  • art03.jpg Still more art.
  • prec.jpg One of three closeups of Precocious, a character by Makoto Ito, aka Stars 104A. I would have given anything for a few moments alone with a those color prints and a laser copier or scanner...
  • prec2.jpg Another Precocious closeup.
  • prec3.jpg Third Precocious closeup.
  • brway.jpg Closeup of Broadway, another Stars 104A picture.
  • art3a.jpg More Stars 104A art.
  • group.jpg Another Makoto Ito shot-the "Berets" group.
  • grou2.jpg A slightly better version of the same picture. Wish they'd come out better.
  • girl.jpg Beret girl, forget her name, by--you guessed it--Stars 104A
  • bird.jpg Another Stars 104A picture.
  • art04.jpg More art.
  • art05.jpg Still more art.
  • tab00.jpg Kitbash table, where aspiring Transfan modellers created new or altered versions of TF toys seen in the TV shows.
  • tab01.jpg More of the kitbash table.
  • tab02.jpg One of the tables where various Transformers memorabilia were put on display.
  • tab03.jpg Another memorabilia display table.
  • dealr.jpg The dealer room was fairly busy that year.
  • rma01.jpg The RoboMACs demonstration game hosted by Dave Van Domelen. If you can supply any of the names of the players, I'd be grateful.

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