These stories comprise the [Constellation] and [Oberon, Inc.] plot threads I started on Sadly, they never got the chance to come to completion; hopefully I'll be able to go back and fix that someday.

These stories are copyrighted to their individual authors, all rights reserved, and appear here by permission.

  1. [Constellation]: The crew of a starship from a post-apocalyptic Earth stumbles upon a rift leading them to Riftspace.
  2. [Oberon, Inc.]: An interesting new corporation comes to Serendipity, bringing with it a bit of trouble...

Other APHR information:

I'll put the FAQs and Tourist Guides here if someone gets them to me. Otherwise, what we have are:

  1. Story post set in the Lower Warrens, meant to be added to the [Oberon, Inc.] thread.
  2. Technical information about the Constellation.
  3. Fact file on SereNet, Serendipity's own online computer network.