Great Links

Fiction and Writing Links

Academy of Super-Heroes
I began my writing apprenticeship writing free superhero fiction on the Internet, under the news group rec.arts.comics.creative. The series that I wrote most for was Academy of Super-Heroes, started by my good friend Dave Van Domelen.
Codex Writers' Group
I am a member of the Codex Writers' Group, a neo-pro writing forum and critique group for speculative fiction writers.
Ralan Conley's Webstravaganza
Ralan's market report is the first site I go to when I need to find a market for my fiction. WebNews
A good source for forums like sff.writing.writersofthefuture, sff.publishing.thefix-online, sff.people.richard-horton, sff.people.julie-czerneda, and more.
The Fix Online
A review site for short speculative fiction.
Writers of the Future
The most prestigious international F&SF writing competition for new writers. I won Second Place in Q1 2006. Well worth entering if you are still eligible.

Fellow WOTF XXIII Authors and Illustrators

Aliette de Bodard
John Burridge
Stephen Kotowych
Grand Prize winner and my writing 'twin'.
Stephen Gaskell
Damon Kaswell
Andrea Kail
Jeff Carlson
Douglas Texter
Lars Edwards
Ed Sevcik
Joseph Jordan

Friends and Fellow Authors

Kevin J. Anderson
Elizabeth Bear
Leah Bobet
Suzanne Church
Julie Czerneda
Eugie Foster
Jim C. Hines
I-Wei Huang
I-Wei's my cousin, and he has won awards for his real steampunk robots. Check it out!
Mike Rimar
Karina Sumner-Smith
Dave Van Domelen
Sean Williams
Robert J. Sawyer

Linguistics Links

Dialect Topography of Canada
A survey of dialect differences in Canada and U.S. border regions. The project is headed by Professor Jack Chambers. I designed the online database and maps, as well as collected data for Greater Vancouver.