Living Trumps

A Rook's Edge Card Game

Duel Benedict! Match strength against Gerard! Outbluff Corwin! Manipulate Random! Hellride with Julian! Imprison Brand! Conspire with Bleys! Ransom Deirdre! Deceive Caine! Accuse Llewella! Trump Fiona! Stab Flora! Patternwalk with Eric! Court Primal Powers! Risk Primal Chaos! Ah, the things you do for Absolute Power....
You can do all of the above in this addictive new Amber card game, based on the Rook's Edge system from the diabolical minds of Tony Pi and David Dalgleish. Play young Elder Amberites striving to become legends in their own right, conspiring with and against other players in the race for ultimate power! Test your skill at bluff, politics, and revenge, and build your might in Psyche, Strength, Endurance and Warfare. Manipulate...or *be* manipulated. Amber Throne Wars will never be the same again!

Game Designers' Note

Developed in Montreal and introduced at Ambercon North '99 in Toronto, this game is playable by 3-8 players (4 recommended). The complete rules are available below; beginning players need only learn the Amber rules to play. Chaos rules and Keep of Four Worlds rules are optional. A game lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours, but increases with the number of players. This game uses 4 standard decks of cards. We are giving the rules away for free. We'd love to hear back from you...we're working on smaller versions of the game for a more fast-paced, pick-up style of play.
Download Living Trumps rules (Mac Microsoft Word 5.0 doc)

Download Living Trumps rules (RTF format)

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If you have questions or feedback, email Tony Pi or David Dalgleish.