Academy of Super Heroes E-Book Omnibus Index

This is the index to the eBook editions of the Academy of Super-Heroes stories from Dave Van Domelen's ASH Archive. Aside from formatting changes and minor typo corrections, the texts have not been changed. All files are in EPUB format and work with iBooks and Kobo. If you prefer Kindle, you can use calibre to convert these files to .mobi format. File size is less than 400 KB unless otherwise noted. You can go here for a file directory, or try the links below. (Depending on your operating system, it may erroneously try to save the file as a .zip file, but you should keep the .epub extension.) You can then drag the file into your iTunes Library.

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Suggested Reading Order

INDEX: How To Read Academy Of Super-Heroes (2.4 MB)
  1. ASH Omnibus: Academy
  2. STRAFE Omnibus: City of Lions
  3. Warden Omnibus: Year One
  4. ASH Omnibus: Pandora's Box
  5. CSV Omnibus: Conclave Arise!
  6. CSV Omnibus: Deep Armageddon
  7. EUROPA Omnibus: Riddles and Tragedies
  8. Warden Omnibus: Year Two
  9. STRAFE Omnibus: The Slow Burn
  10. STRAFE Omnibus: The Bonfire
  11. ASH Omnibus: Crossfire
  12. LNH202X Omnibus: 2023-24
  13. Warden Omnibus: Change Is Good
  14. ASH Omnibus: A Plan for Revenge
  15. Warden Omnibus: The Annuals
  16. CSV Omnibus: Lights! Camera! Action!
  17. CSV Omnibus: The Pyramid Scheme
  18. ASH Omnibus: Point of the Spear
  19. CSV Omnibus: Dead Killing Eye
  20. CSV Omnibus: Villain's Apprentice
  21. ASH Omnibus: City of Lights
  22. ASH Omnibus: The Q'Nos Chronicles
  23. ASH Omnibus: The Romance of Three Republics
  24. ASH Omnibus: Venus Rising
  1. ASH Omnibus: Metropolis
  2. ASH Omnibus: Time Slips Away
  3. ASH Omnibus: Kheper's Path
  4. ASH Omnibus: Billions Served
  5. ASH Omnibus: Rising Sun
  6. ASH Omnibus: Rival Schools
  7. ASH Omnibus: The Office
  8. ASH Omnibus: A Suit of Sables
  9. Lady Lawful & Doctor Developer Omnibus: Pull
  10. The Reverse Engineers Omnibus: New Kids In Town
  11. CSV Omnibus: Derek Radner's Private Journals
  12. Time Capsules Omnibus: Legacy Discovered
  13. ASH 3732 Omnibus: Spear-Carriers
  14. ASH Omnibus: Historicals
  15. ASH Omnibus: One Shots
  16. ASH Omnibus: Beacon
  17. ASH Omnibus: Catman: Minor Arcana
  18. ASH Omnibus: WarStar
  19. Coherent Super Stories Omnibus: Gilded Age
  20. ASH Sourcebook: Setting
  21. ASH Sourcebook: Science
  22. ASH Sourcebook: Timeline
  23. ASH Sourcebook: Rosters
  24. ASH Sourcebook: Meta

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