Mason Kramer

Alias: Mason, MasonK, The-guy-over-there-by-the-computer


I turned 31 on February 1st, 1996, making me, at this point, 31. In my real life, I work at the Texas Education Agency, where I make both Mac and PC users happy by installing their computers, and fixing them when they go bad.

When I escape from real life into fantasy, I play GURPS(TM), or write for the Superguy Humourous Fiction listserv. This has earned me, to date, ones of fans, one of which even sends me the occasional fan mail.

This lack of enthusiasm has not as yet dampened my enthusiasm for writing the 'Mazin' Mob, as several of the Authors continue to encourage my efforts.

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Some files on This Computer

My commonly used bookmarks

The Stories I've done for Superguy

The Amy Borden Art Gallery

The Three Faces of Summer
Daydream Believer and Mental
Cantata and Sven
Marie & Co.
Trap Door Spider Man

Calvin Client in zip format. If you don't know what it is, you don't need it.