Amy Borden (aka The Girl Not Sitting Next To You Right Now)


The Basic Economy Web Page Version


Basic Data


Born: February 25, 1972


Sex: None, dammi—oh, wait, you meant gender.  Er.  Female.


Went Mad: Sometime in sixth grade.  I blame it all on Douglas Adams (may he rest in peace).


Died: Hasn't happened yet.  I think.


Blood Type: O positive


Eyes: Zoned except when caffinated; then demented.


Hair: Yahoo Serious when not mowed.


Foot Odor: Classified.


Socks: Frequently holed.


Underwear:  Don’t ASK.  Pervert.


Ms. Borden was born somewhere near St. Louis and as yet to date has shown no signs of being anywhere near, say, Beijing.  An early period where she insisted on the teacher drawing devils in Sunday School was followed by more circumspect but just as flaky activities including but not limited to creating fantasy art, reading, graduate school, compulsive Internetting, chocolate caffeine abuse, cackling, and endurance sleeping.


Enjoys anime and utterly unnatural hair colors on her characters. Currently very interested in In Nomine , an RPG by your friends at Steve Jackson Games.  Also has a sordid on and off love affair with Robotech which has been going on for some sixteen years.


Keeps fish, also known as pigs with fins.  Mostly this kind.  Visit the link there; people she knows and likes run it.


She also has some images people might like if you click somewhere around here .  Hopefully a webpage will be soon made for surl^H^H^H^H journal entries as well.  Ms. Borden can be reached at aeborden@[ireallyhatespam] unless, of course, she happens to be dead.  You never can tell these days.


She wants a new computer.  Send her money, and lots of it.

(Gee, how much more brazen can I get?) #KICK#!!!

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