How To Get Some Decent Fiction

Superguy. A lot has been written about this wonderful, wonderful fiction list. Once, many readers thundred across the plains of Superguy's mailing list, their hoofbeats echoing across the prairies. These readers were kept fat and well-fed with much fiction which poured down from above. Unfortunately, the day of Plenty is passed. But the list is by no means dead. Though tales come out irregularly, they still come out, and more readers often means more stories.
But how do you get on this list, if you'd like to see what's up? I'm glad that you asked!
To Subscribe to the Superguy list: send an email to with 'subscribe superguy' in the message body (without the ' around the words).
To Subscribe to the Superchat list (a place to discuss Superguy): send an email to with 'subscribe superchat' in the message body.
It may take a while before you see some stuff, but stories come out in floods. To keep you busy, why not catch up on a few stories? holds the Superguy Logs, which are there for the browsing (with handy Indicies so you can find what you want). But if you want to catch up on one particular title (or two or three), check out the Superguy Auto-collector (described once as the 'coolest damn thing'), located at, which will find all logs with the title you give it and spit you out a document compiled just for you!
I hope to see you on the list. If you have any questions, see my email address below.

To send commentary upon my commentary, please address your email, letter-bomb or death-threat to, and I'll be quite happy to read what you say. Ciao!

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