Still no update on what I promised the other day -- things are moving slower than I'd expected, which is all right by me, if frustrating. However, keep checking the pages! And the sky! Check the pages and the sky! Yes, both at once if you can! Use new Skynet! Now with new constellation browse!

I've jumped ship from Redhat 5.1 once I learned that it was bloody useless and landed on Mandrake 7.2, which is broken like the Titanic after French-kissing an iceburg, but at least it was cheap. I'll soon be jumping ship again (provided I remembered the life rafts) to Debian as soon as I possibly can. It's been a crazy, wild ride and it's just getting stranger!

I've found a brand new HTMLer called Screem (presumably brought to you by the same folks who make Treet and Mirikal Gro) which is finally a worthwhile replacement for my poor, BeOS-only Cool Cat. It's nice, light, and has a few luxury features I can use like smart tag completion -- though that might get old fast.

I've gotten back into the swing of writing -- this won't mean much to anyone in the non-Superguy crowd, but hey, I'm starting on some non-SG projects too, so there might be something for everyone! Check my writing page in about three to six months and maybe there'll be some new stuff up there.

Just saw three season finales in a row -- wow, are we humans meant to have this much fun? In reverse order, I've watched the end of the season for Earth: Final Conflict. Man, I used to love that show -- it was about the Everyman fellow named Boone, who somehow managed to make us empathize mightily with his plight while showing us how the future worked. Yes, there was exciting future-tech, but it all operated on fairly reasonable, consistant rules. It was a tight, nice series... and then the second season came and they turned it into a wild fantasy about Uberman Kincaid. It went from being fun on the philosophical level to being fun on the 'two robots and a guy in a jumpsuit' level. I suppose that's, sadly, what the public wants, witness...
Star Trek: Voyager's series finale, which ended not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a lot of polite coughing and clearing of throats. This two-hour season-finale 'extravaganza' could have been told in roughly fifteen minutes by the storytelling methods used in ST: TNG or even DS9. It also managed to steal from every single Trek franchise in existance (well why stop a 'winning' trend?) and the entire plot structure was lifted from an earlier Voyager episode which was actually one of its better. Sadly, this theft was misapplied in the season finale, producing as it did a sense of anticlimax which rivals that of anyone who went to see the Tyson/Spinks fight. I suppose it's only right for Voyager to die as it lived: asking in a worried tone 'was it good for you?', with its fanbase sighing and saying 'don't worry, it happens to lots of shows, we can just cuddle'...

Finally, first of all (whew), I was treated to the double-feature of the Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and Angel: The Pretty Much Anything With Trek-Forehead-Ridges-That-Moves Slayer season finales. Given that Buffy's moving over to the fairly excriable UPN network next season, I figured that these sendoffs would be big affairs and Lord above, was I right. Buffy went straight for the heart with all stakes blazing and good God did I ever weep. I also thrilled, rejoyced and slammed my fist into things in the course of the night. When was the last time that television did that to you (I'll give you a hint, it was also during previous Buffy episodes)? I won't go into full emotional recap mode like I did with Buffy's Mother's death episode, simply because there's no freakin' way to do so. The episode was incredibly multi-layered and its imagry actually extended into Angel, proving that Joss Whedon knows exactly how to use the fact that he has two shows at his disposal.
And Angel was Angel. It's funny, moving, ready to throw a curveball... and done with the angst for the season, which was a blessed relief. We needed it to bring us down after the emotional roller coaster of Buffy.

The conclusion? I watch too much TV. See you all later!

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