Once upon a time a man was wandering towards the mail in order to drop off his rent cheque. He was muttering to himself, clearly unhappy with his lot in life. The man was stopped by another man, who was wandering in the opposite direction (towards the grocery store, it might be noted). Seeing the wandering man's discontent, the other traveler stopped him so he might ask a question.
    "Why are you unhappy?" asked the Grocery-going man, for he had little to do today but poke into other people's business.
    "I am unhappy," remarked the other man, as he was lonely and sought Attention. "Because I am going to pay the rent on my apartment."
    "But why does that make you discontent?" asked the other other man.
    "Because it is February. And February has only twenty-eight days."
    "And?"     "And I pay exactly the same for twenty eight days that I do for thirty one. In fact, I pay the same for thirty days that I do for thirty one."
    "Ah, I see your quagmire," replied the other man, nodding sagely. "But I have some advice."
    "Really?" asked the other man, sensing that perhaps this man would show him how to get back the money he felt was owed him, so that he could purchase the Beer which he craved.
    "Yes," said the Grocery-going man. "For you are clearly getting a cheap rate on thirty-one days. Imagine if you were required to pay more for thirty-one days than you do for thirty."
    "Ah," said the other man. "So I have been given wisdom rather than money with which I can buy Beer, then?"
    "Looks that way," said the other other other other man, grinning a grin which could Eat Shit. "Got money for some lottery tickets?"
    "Well, wisdom is a fine thing to have," replied the first man in this cautionary tale. "Though not as tasty as Beer."
    "Oh sod your Beer," said the grocery-going man, who delivered a powerful blow with a Tire Iron to the mail-going man's knee. "Here, I'll give you something to really bitch about today."

    If I don't drink enough water, my body tells me that it's starving for water. It wants water all of the live-long day. It craves it badly. If my body doesn't get irrigated at least ten or eleven times a day, it becomes cross. Angry. Frightened. I can actually feel mortal terror if too thirsty.
    The urges to drink water get mistaken for something else. The urge to eat. The urge to play video games. The urge to do other things.
    Clearly, I could live my entire life happily if I was 100% water rather than 80%.
    This does not, however, get me any closer to finding my niche in life.
    Nor does it explain the first parable

    I'm getting closer to finishing all of the extant Cerebus the Aardvark storyline. I just passed issue #200. I'm now 2/3rds through the entire run of the series. It took Dave over two decades to reach this point. It's only taken me ten years. But it still feels like a very long time.
    Finishing reading Cerebus is something that's been a quest for me. I wonder if I'll feel more or less compleat once I'm done.

    Katsucon was wonderful. I had a good friend with whom to go. I met more friends there. I made some fun aquaintances. I now have new quests to drive my passions.
    I also learned that Daft Punk is really just a Gamalon band stolen by the filthy Earthers and repainted. How can we blame them for carpet bombing our Mother Earth now?

    Did you know that Disney cereal is now promoting itself as a way to stretch your child's imagination?
    I guess children are so lame these days that pouring cold milk over sugar and wheat is 'Fantastic'.

    The above have very little relevance to my day today. Save that this is roughly the mood in which I am. Catch you later. Peace up.

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