It's been said that when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And indeed, this is often true. Unfortunately, this bromide often causes people to put down perfectly functional hammers and start pounding nails into wood using screwdrivers.

    Ever since getting my Sharp Zaurus to replace the perfectly functional Sony Clie I had been using up till that point, I've been exploring the various ways in which it can be used. The power of Linux on a handheld is muay strong in the hands of someone who's halfway motivated to use it; between python and PHP/MySQL/Apache I was able to code up solutions for almost any need that I had.     "Hmmm," I mused idly one day. "You could probably write a whole PIM suite using just a web browser."
    Three weeks later and the thought was still bouncing around the cavernous, empty shell of my head. Clearly this was something that required further thought.

    I'm not entirely sure I'll ever try this, though at least some of the apps below will be created within the next six months. Writing a PIM app is hard work after all. But why, you might ask, would someone want to create such a suite when the work has already been done? I'm glad you asked that. Let's pro/con this...



    And I think that's it. What I'm considering building are...

    That's it so far. There may be more that come to me. I hope you enjoyed this ramble.
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