So tonight I've just finished watching Love Hina which is one of those anime which, I think, is a Soul-Tester (ie, anime which tests to make sure that your one (1) factory-delivered soul is in place and functional). I've tried many times to explain Love Hina to those friends whom I know care for this sort of stuff, desperately waving my arms around and jumping up and down like a diseased monkey who just swallowed Mexican Jumping Beans in an effort to convey what the show means to me. In the end, I've found that mere words do not suffice and I'm required to hand over Ep #1 in order to get my point across.
    "It's sort of like Ranma. Only it's a love story. No, not a martial arts story that pretends to be a love story. But it's got wacky parts. But the wacky parts are actually just covering up a beautiful and layered love story so it gets revealed a bit at a time. And the characters change and grow. Only they don't seem to, because things seem to go back to how they started. Only then you realise that they didn't. And then you realise about episode twenty that these positions have been reversed. Oh, and the music. Oh, and..."
    You see? No amount of monkey-hopping can convey the might of this show. In fact, I don't imagine that an entire barrel of vertically-aspiring monkeys could convey the worthiness of Love Hina. I came home after an annoying day (I've had an emotionally draining week, and my body decided to get all sicky on me); Bogarted the last five eps (not the Specials yet, because I wanted to sit back and digest 24 niiiice and slow, and not even try 25 until 24 had melted in my tum, not in my hands), then was seized by an urge to write that it nearly shattered my very s-o-u-l! Well, okay, it did throw some furniture around and wrote 'GET OUT' in blood on my walls, so I suspect it was less my Muse and more a poltergeist. Either way, it's paying half of the rent, non-negotiably. I wrote for some time until. with a mighty 'ungh', fell emotionally-drained to the ground where I rested until the ice covered me over, until the day when strange Glowy Close Encounter Plankton Aliens would revive me and my spunky bear sidekick.
    Ah, where was I going with all this? You got me. I think it's some cautionary tale involving not doing Love Hina while operating heavy machinery.

    Peace and love.
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