There are days... well weeks, months and occasionally years... that seem to resemble the accounts I've read of people who fight in the trenches of the 'great' wars. You keep your head down, you survive one day at a time, you let your buddies pull you through it and ultimately, you either get out of it with whole skin or you get yourself shot full of holes (in the case of a war, riddled with bullets and in the case of life, stomach riddled with acid burns). These times are not what we call 'fun times'. They're life, and one survives life much like one survives a war.
    But this does not mean that a war, er, life's hard times should be a grey and joyless existence. In point of fact, one is forced to turn to the lyrics of the 80s Bob Uecker vehicle Mr. Belvedere... "life is more than near-survival".
    Well, welcome to life after wartime. Sorry I've not been writing here much lately, but if you've been following my exploits then I'm proud to say that I've returned! Or at least I have until the next major crisis descends upon my life like the buzzing of locusts unto a Krispy Kreme (which is a lesser-known sign of Armageddon).
    I've rambled about this before, both in another logging forum, to people in email, online and even in a crazy new forum that the kids these days are calling real life, though I don't think it's going to last very long. But anyway, what's been happening lately is that my job, which is normally very good, has become something I can charitably call a vast wasteland of angst and fire and gnashing of teeth... and you should see what it's like *after* lunch. I have a great manager who has been keeping me from feeling the absolute worst (and by absolute worst, I mean 'opening my wrists like a Christmas package') effects of the stress, but sadly I also have a lot of demands on my sanity coming in.
    Fortunately, that's starting to go away. I'm no longer spending all my time in a cold flop-sweat, trying desperately to get database-view #339 done in three point two seconds. I'm actually feeling as though life and the universe don't both want to censor me, permanently, for daring to step on that crack without remembering to cross my fingers first. I'm getting back into the swing of things, which isn't always easy... when your day is spent at a computer terminal, it's hard coming home and then using... another terminal. Fortunately, my creativity is coming back, slowly... expect to see some writing from me. Some reviews. And perhaps even the dreaded... Frobozz Dance!
    Or not. We'll see.
    Peace and love.

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