Aiiiiiiieeee! I'm up! I'm up! I'm Blogging! Aiiiie!

    Oh, it was all a bad dream? You mean there really aren't people beating at my door to get me to write a log on-line?

    That's pretty depressing, come to think of it. Oh well, I'll continue to write here in Blogspace, content to know that my wisdom is carefully being preserved for future generations. It's actually in a small, lead-lined jar in New Mexico somewhere deep in Area 51. I'm left with this piece of crud that keeps churning out log-pages full of dross and crap!

    So here I am, once more searching for some means of gaining the capital to support my life of debauchery and vice. I'm starting to wonder why I bother; I just don't seem to have that much vice in me to give any more. I remember days when it was really fun to head down to the classic arcade by the riverfront and sink an hour into Galaga. Or Joust. Or the Holly Effin' Grail, Super Pac-Man. These days, though, I think I've started to get a bit depressed with our fair city of Windsor and so its fun potential has dropped considerably in my mind.

    To properly grasp Windsor, you must understand the study of contrasts which make it up. Windsor is not just a city. No... it is a border city, which means that (like all Canadian border cities), it lives and it dies by the commerce which it receives from the States. Which in turn means that it needs to have some sort of draw to get them to cross our border and consume like madmen within our fair nation. Once, we held the record in Good Beer, Cheap Cigarettes, Cuban Cigars and parks full of flowers on which no one had ralphed (recently). We still have those things, but lately I believe that the draw of such natural wonders has become lessened... and so the Casino opened.

    I remember a time when Windsor actually had *four* stores that sold Role-playing games! And six comic stores! And fun little gimmicky places that appealed to the geek in me! And all kinds of weird little movie stores that had all the B-Film crap I could stomach! Windsor used to be a paradise for anyone who was in the market for new and weird things. Unfortunately, the town is now very much geared towards the 'if you can't smoke it, drink it, sleep with it (or all three at once, woo!), then we don't want it' mentality. I buy my role-playing goods at one tiny store that I've tracked down and discovered by sheer luck. There's a tiny, single, tired comic store whose owner cares more about scratching his stomach than customer service. However, geeks can still make one killing here -- because Windsor's lopsided economy supports two boom industries.

    Computers AND porn!

    Basically, you can get cheap silicon in some capacity or another any time of the day or night.

    I really hate this city.
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