Leadership can really be a bitch, no?

Ever find yourself on a fast boat straight towards Hell, you're hanging on for dear life and like everyone else, screaming for the captain to do something -- only to realise that, gosh darn it, you are the captain of this boat? That's how I'm feeling in a nutshell on a project that I've been put on. It's not even a for-pay project... it's the final one I need to do to get my computer diploma and get out of college. Thus, it's my passport to actually earning more than a Value Village Worker's pittance (pittance, from the Latin 'to show compassion', which makes this word suspect as I was shown very little while working at Value Village -- but that's another rant entirely!).

So naturally, even if it were going supersuperwell, I'd still be going neurotic over it all. I'm learning that I'm a fine sort of leader as I can keep track of absolutely everything that goes on with no problem, leave people to work on their own 'thing' when they need it, take over when they need that too -- of course, at the cost of stomach acid and worry as I'm the biggest worry-wart you'd ever meet. I swear, I hope I can learn to settle down ye olden ulcer-makers before I get one, because Playing Nice With Others is likely going to be part of my job description from now on.

Wish me luck, kids, friends and Romans.

And now, to lighten the mood after such a grim post, here's Bambi 'Big-Fall' Biggles to entertain you with her tap dancing platform-diving horse! Lookithergo, folks! Ew... we're going to have to clean that up... call the number for the glue factory! And let's take care of the horse too...

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