I haven't updated in a while. Before the two of you who read this say 'well *duh*', let me hasten to add that there's a reason for this. Very recently I've left the Windows world behind (for personal usage, at any rate) for the wonderful, magical land of BeOS.

For those of you who have never had the joy of using Be, let me say that it's a Godsend for me. I have a tendency of following the Underdogs in the computer rat-race: my first serious computer was an Amiga 2000 (RIP...), followed by a Macintosh Quadra 605, followed by a long dalliance with Windows (I wish it would RIP...) until finally I washed up on the shores of Island Be. It's a great OS that not only feels like my old Amiga days (those innocent days...), but also just has a great deal of power behind it that you don't get in the Windows world.

Of course, this did get me to thinking -- a shock to everyone, I'm sure. The reason that I haven't been Blogging is how dependent Blogger is upon Javascript, and how deficient Be is WRT Javascript compliant browsers. I'm praying to God and Grud and Murphy that Opera doesn't explode on me as I type in my thoughts, periodically saving them to Eddie so I don't lose them... is it me, or have we just started to take high-end for granted? Time used to be that I could happily browse the web with E-Mosaic, not worry a whit about plug-ins and LiveScript and leave cookies safely off... but now, honestly, that's an impossibility. When did we pass through this portal of bigger is better? Was it when most of us sold our collective souls to the MS-Borg in exchange for apps that were pretty to use, but took the power of their utility out of our hands?

I dunno. I'm learning just how much of our web has been Borged since I left the Mac and my days of using MacLynx, E-Mosaic and the occasional foray into IE 4. I do kind of miss text and content... I do miss the days when we weren't trying to splash orgasmic miasmae of colour across the screen in an effort to get today's Twitch-Kid to stay on our site for a second longer than they would have without it. I kind of miss the days when you could lose yourself for hours in the web, but those hours were spent reading and linking instead of waiting for a trickle of data to seep into your browser whilst you tapped your finger.

I sort of miss those days. But if things hadn't changed, I wouldn't have a blogger, now would I?

(Micro update -- darn it, Opera holds no joy for me. I can blog but not publish.)
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