Have you noticed a paucity of blogging going on here? The reason for this has been manifold (not that you've noticed anything unusual about me missing a big chunk'a time here. The biggest reason you haven't heard my sage words of *cough* wisdom has been the onset of everybody's friend: Tendonitis! Yes, let's give this condition a big hand! Ow... let's stop now...

    I hear you asking: what, then, will you use to break today's silence? I will use this drum here! Hah hah! Ahhh, crud.

    Well, there won't be much of an update going on because my hand's still achin' despite my popping enough anti-inflammitaries to turn a rowdy redneck into a beatnick. However, there is a new ecological disaster going on where I live. So why don't I fill you all in on that?

    It turns out that some Japanese farmers had various crops that would benefit from the Home Field Advantage of some Home Field Insects; to wit: Japanese lady bugs. However, these bugs (duh, anyone ever heard of Cane Toads?) spread into this Nifty New Ecological Niche Which Had No Freakin' Checks And Balances Against 'em (well *duh*, anyone heard of the rabbit?). And now they're everywhere. And they bite. Yes, someone has imported Attack Ladybugs!

    Gods, I hate this world sometimes...
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