Damned phone.

    You Americans, be glad that you live in a world where phone companies compete against each other for your business. I still live in the land of tele-monopoly and my phone went out two days ago. I'm still waiting for someone to come 'round and fix things. Along the way, I've been cut off, rescheduled without notification, informed that I'm being unreasonable and generally treated as if my telephone use is really quite a millstone around their necks.

    I do bloody well wish that the world could get back to serving the customer. Heck, despite what I said above, even competition isn't doing much to improve quality these days. We live in a world of half-baked OSes and software... diet foods that will cause you elephantitis... tires that can cause eighty deaths before anyone even thinks of recalling them... foods we're mutating in potentially harmful ways to get better yields... we're accepting too damned much crap because there's 'nothing we can do'.

    Makes me pretty sickened to be human some days. I'm not sure if there's any solution either; mass paradigm shifts don't seem really possible any more. We've locked ourselves into a banal existence... a closed-system of mediocrity which will eventually spin down into a heat-death of Big Macs, Diet Colas and mutated cattle.

    Crap, I'm sounding Goth right now. Hey everyone look! I'm taking a pie in the face! Pie! Pie! When there's pie, all's well!

    Oh to hell with it, let me be depressed at least one day...
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