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Classic Computer Systems

Apple History Page - Why not take a trip through history?

The Apple ][ Emulation Page! - Yes, now YOU TOO can use your $2000+ computer to run a computer that costs $20.00 at a garage sale!

The Apple ][ Emulator Resource Guide - If you want to emulate an Apple ][ on your Mac or PC, here's where you start!

The Internet for Commodore Users - Web page for a book developed entirely for the 64/128.

IDE64 Project - Connecting an IDE Hard Drive to your 64. It can be done.

C 64 Companies - Companies who will support C=64!

The Disc=overy Site! - For C=64 enthusiasts.

The Q-Link Sid Archive - SID Tunes for the three-channel music lover in all of us!

Remembering Q-Link - Though I was never able to join Q-Link, I read much about it while it was still on-going, and often dreamed of being able to join it one day. Sadly, it transmorphed into AOL and so that dream was denied me. Still, this is almost like having been there!

Amiga Links! - Plenty of web links for your Commodore Amiga needs!

The PET Index - ROMs for your old PET. 'member it?

Planet Sinclair - Voyage to the old days of computers! Emulation Page - Emulation of classic computers on your Mac!

TVDog's Page Not at all a bad Tandy resource.

Classic Video Game Links

The Bard's Tale Webring - The sudden scream of an URL brings your party to a halt... will your stalwart band choose to link or stop?

Ranger Central - The Wasteland FAQ site!

The High Score Page - A page of high scores for you to beat!

Atari Gaming HQ - Have you Webbed Atari Today?

The classic Atari commercial page - Just how retro do you want to be? Download these QTs and sing along with your old favorites!

Atari 2600 - Another incredible Atari 2600 site!

2600 Connection - Why are there so many/ pages 'bout 'taris/ where do they all/ come from?

Programming the Atari 2600 - If you're insane or a fan, you too can try to make your own 2k Atari game!

Classic Videogames Info - A great site for information about the home games of yore.

SwordQuest Comic Book Archive - If you were like me, you remember these games for how frustrating they were to play when you'd lost the comic. Well now you can have them back.

NES An indispensible Nintendo Entertainment System site!

Nintendo Code Book Lots of useful stuff here for nintendo mavens.

NintendoLand - Learn about Mario and all the other joys of the N.

The Galaga Worship Page! - The one brings me back... Galaga was one of the best shooters out there.

The Odyssey^2 Archive - Remember the days when a staticy hiss and pop could be billed at 'Realistic Crowd Cheering Noises'? Me too. Come back in time to the age that put 'Hype' into 'Hyperspace'.

The Pac-Page - Wakka, wakka, wakka!

Modern Video Game Links

Monster Rancher HQ #2 Plenty of tips and tricks about the great game Monster Rancher!

Interactive Fiction and Roguelike Computer Game Links

The Nethack Home Page! - A great Rogue-alike for you to waste your life on! You'll never care more about a little '@'!

The Infocom Home Page! - This Web Page is dark. You might be eaten by a grue. Classic text adventure games.

The Infocom Bug Report Page - Last version was better, says Floyd. More bugs. Bugs make game fun.

Fredrik's Interactive Fiction Starter's Kit - Want to get into Interactive Fiction? Here's a halfway decent place to start.

The Zork Shrine! - Hello Sailor! Learn about the most important computer game of our time!

Alan Home Page An interesting IF language.

PDD's Adventure Page - Includes the history of most adventure games, plus more information than you'll ever need!

The Encyclopedia Frobozzica! - Answers to questions you never knew you had about the Great Underground Empire!

The IF-Finder - A searchable Interactive Fiction Index

Just Adventure - Just for adventure on your machine!

The Colossal Cave Adventure Page! - The text adventure that started it all!

The EAMON Page! - It's...'t ask. Just check it out.

Polarware - Yes, we all really know that it's Penguinware. Some old games that were never orphaned by a dedicated set of creators.

The Magnetic Scrolls Gallery - I wish these folks had lasted a little longer. Their games were top-notch and wonderful, all around, experiences.

Role Playing Game Links

The Storm Has A Name - Torg. The worlds will never be the same again.

Black Tower - Fighting Fantasy Resource!

Desert Lynx's Oasis - Join the Kai Monestary and read about Lone Wolf's world of Magnamund.

The Tri-Tac Page - Explore a million Earths... Stalk the Night Fantastic... become the victim of an alien Incursion...

Majestic Twelve Games - The makers of Starmada IV, a rather nifty space game.

The Macho Women With Guns Homepage - Violent women, guns and mayhem. The roads will never be safe again.

Eric's Compendium of free RPGs on the Web - This is, IMO, the canonical list of free systems that are available to the netzien.

Free Trader Beowulf's Traveller Page - Remember the Traveller RPG? Check out this page.

Atomik Fuzion! Wonderful plug-ins for the Fuzion system

Next Gen Ships for Star Fleet Battles - The purist in me is iffy about this concept, but it's still an interesting idea and may make for some fascinating duels.

Music Sites

Alan Parsons Project Ternary Website - A great Alan Parsons Project site!

Asia - The canonical Asia site! If you haven't heard them yet, get help.

They Might Be Giants - They Might Be Giants official web page!

On-line Resource for Kansas Fans A site for Kansas Fans!

Theater of Dreams - A site devoted to, who else, Dream Theater

The MIDI Farm Lots of information for MIDI lovers!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Links

Web Page No 9 -MST 3000! - A man and two puppets cut up cheesy movies just like you and your friends used to (come on, admit it...)!

MST Songs The songs of MST 3000!

Access MST Keep Circulating the tapes!

BeOS Related Links

BeBits - All the software you need for BeOS!

The BeOS Tip Server - Need help with BeOS? Looks here

Aleph One - A multi-platform FPS that also runs on BeOS!

BeOS Music Software - Music Apps for BeOS!

Macintosh Related Links

MacOS Rumors - What's up in the land of the Mac?

MacMAME! - Emulate those old arcade games you know and love... on your Mac!

The Mac Perl Pages - Perl for the Mac!

Inside Macintosh - Finally... those books you need for programming are on-line.

The Hyperarchives - Lots of nifty searchable stuff to fill up your mac's hard drive.

ZDNet - More Mac News and Information!

Media-Related Links

The Simpsons Archive - Let's None of Us Have a Cow, Man. All you've ever wanted to know about the Simpsons.

Cheetaholics - The official web-page for Gold Diggers.

Legion of Superheroes - DC's best (and most heavily retconned) superteams.

Movie and TV Resources - Links to museums, scripts, screenwriting guilds... the works.

Hammer House of Horrors - Thrills! Chills! Scantily clad women being chased by leering vampires, werewolves and mummies!

Sup's Smeggin' Red Dwarf Page - It's shoals, damn it...

Definitely Not The Opera - Perhaps the best thing on the CBC except for the Royal Canadian Air Farce

Alexlit - A great resource for getting book recommendations.

Blake's 7! - Yes, it's old, it's cheesy, but it's better than half the SF on TV today!

The Aphra Behn Page! - As appearing in the Tribe of Behn (well, maybe not exactly)! My favorite playwright

The Ed Wood Page! - The master of cheaply made, poorly plotted films! Where would we be without him?

Matt's Anime Page! - A page devoted to Japanese animation.

Washington Post Comics - Read your favorites on-line!

Too Much Coffee Man! - Comics that are really bizarre. Just read them, don't ask.

The Funny Papers - Lots und lots of web comics to read.

Keenspot - Even more web-comics

The Failed Pilot Playhouse - Read up about those shows that were almost series.

Max Headroom - Into the Millenium - Go ten or so minutes into the future with our digitized pal.

The Ultraman FAQ - Remember Ultraman? Now you can!

The B-Movie Memory Bank - Computing. Bad movies accessed...

Oh the Humanity! - Bad movies reviewed here!

Stomp Tokyo - More bad movie reviews!

Fandom - Want to waste some time in utter fandom? Check this out! - A particularly great media and entertainment site

Haxan films - From the people who brought you the Blair Witch Project...

The Movie Page - Scripts galore! Plus other movie resources

Ralan's Webstraviganza - A Spec Fic Webzine! - A Highly Entertaining Comic and Media page!

Cavalcade of Schlock - Wonderful, wonderful schlock media!

Upcoming movies - Want to see what's coming to the silver screen? Click here!

Non-Electronic Games

Maikeru's Ani-Mayhem Page - This was my first Collectable Card Game and is still one of my favorites. It's a tad on the non-portable side, but the complexity really does appeal to me. Scavage for treasures as the Ani-Verse collapses!

Corewar and Other Computer-Sim Games

Storm King - A great page for Core War!

pMars Homepage - Another good page for Core War.

Toy-Related Links

Dave's Cool Toys Page! - Hey, we really shouldn't grow up so fast. Check by this page to remember what you used to play with.

USENET-Related Links

Deja News! - It's like coming home again. Deja News is now free of its oppressive 'Try Before You Buy' fronter. Return to the best USENET archive in existance!

USENET FAQs in Hypertext - Need a FAQ? Look here.

Food-Related Links

Akane's Kitchen - If you need a recipe fast and you don't care to what extremes you must go...

Tokyo Food Page - Mmmm... all you ever wanted to know about Japanese cuisine. And probably a ton of things that you didn't.

The Ultimate Drinking Game Page - Looking for a drinking game for any show or movie? Try here first!


I-Ching Links - Links to information about this method of prognostication.

InstaPass - Do nifty and ultimately useless stuff like reducing your web page gif size.

Postcards - Send a postcard to anyone who has access to a graphical web browser!

The Toaster Oracle - Consult the Toaster. The Toaster knows all.

The CIA Home Page - A pretty good writing resource and also a place where you can get a few good laughs.

Online Comics

-- A fan favorite and almost a survival guide to dealing with mere mortals in the realm of business. It's pure stress relief some days, ah tells ya...

Chopping Block -- Is there anything sweeter than Jason Voorhees? If you thought that the answer to that was 'no', think again: there's a new splatterpunk in town and this guy has to deal with all the troubles and travails that we do in life... in addition to being a psychotic! How tough is that?

Something Positive
-- A sweet little comic by a friend of mine. It's there to provide you with your daily affirmation of life and tries its best to never offend anyone. The universal message of this comic seems to be 'be KIND to one another, and let's all just be FRIENDS!'
Yes, I'm playing with you, but I'm feeling nasty this morning, and it fills my heart with glee that someone might just have clicked the link without reading this paragraph.

The Necronomicon -- This one just keeps growing on me. It's a nice, light strip that never takes itself too seriously. And the characters keep turning Japanese...
Update: This comic is no more. It has ceased to be. This... is an ex... webcomic. However, the archives are still up and you can read some of his random works there, periodically.

Alice -- One girl, one friend and an imagination. See where the mind eye takes you! It's a cute little strip that really is a fun read. I like how the world unfolds.

Lowest Common Denominator -- Gods, I had to start reading this one just because its main character crossed over into absolutely everything else. It's a great comic on its own, though it updates muay slowly.

Doctor Lobster
-- Read it. It's one of those comics that absolutely shouldn't work, but somehow makes me laugh almost constantly. Sometimes it goes a touch past my Funny Bone and into the dark place, but hey, nobody's perfect.

Freighter Tails -- Furries in space! I have high hopes for this one. It hasn't gotten too far as yet, but let's take a look at what's going on.

Guardian Angel -- A fairly sweet comic strip that goes absolutely upside down until you're wondering how things could get any worse! The characters have grown up nicely in the time that we've seen them. Raises some interesting questions without pissing off my sensibilities.

Nukees -- THESE people are our future? We're doomed. Robotic ants will take over the world and we'll be at the mercy of... THEM!

Ozy and Millie
-- Another sweet comic that has an uncompromising attitude towards the points it makes. This one keeps a good sense of childlike wonder while not hiding that sometimes it really hurts to be different. If you were ever the one picked on in school, you'll find at least one strip in this archive with which you can utterly empathize.

Untitled Again -- "Oh you know my name is Simon...and the things I draw come truuue..." (yes, you have to be either Canadian or British to get that reference). It's another comic that makes you empathize with its protagonist, who's the befuddled anyman... only his drawings take on a life of their own!

When I Grow Up -- Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does! There's absolutely no way to explain why I like this comic, except perhaps that it manages to take the absolutely unreal and then go even further over the top with it.

The Anykey -- A BeOS fanatic's strip! Still in its infancy and hasn't hit its stride yet, but hey, everything starts somewhere.
Update: Not that it ever will... the Anykey is now dead, though archives remain. We'll missya...

Penny Arcade
-- A friend of mine once called this strip 'pure Id release'. Well they cover Unreal and the Dreamcast too! (Dodges rotten tomatoes) Sharp, witty commentary on just about anything, with a decided bias towards geek culture. Don't expect them to hold anything back and be sure to read the commentary afterwards.

Clan Bob -- More computer humour with some great continuing storylines going on. It seems that Jone the demon-babe has become a fan favorite, given how absolutely everyfragginfan artist has managed to do art about her...

Down to Earth -- Heaven and Hell! Demons! Death! Star Trek! Somehow they all meet in the strip that we call Down to Earth.

Melonpool -- Aliens stranded on Earth? Impossible! Both sweet and witty, this comic evokes the feel of when comics were great (read, the late 80s, early 90s).

Schlock Mercenary -- A razor-wit humour is a good attribute to have when you're making fun of the noble profession of Soldier of Fortune, mostly because you'll need to laugh as they're blowing you apart. How sad. This is a wonderful comic that honestly has never let me down for a laugh.

Ubersoft -- If you're ever frustrated at Microsoft, please, relax here. This strip manages to let us laugh at the biggest forces of Banality in existance and that really fires my Grump soul.

Dork Tower -- Role playing... computers... and work. Sadly, half of my friends are like this...

The Bad Boys of CS -- More computer jokes! University jokes! And more! This comic started off fairly mediocre but has shot up to one of my favorites. The flash anime that they do isn't always pretty, but it captures the feel of the anime that they're trying to copy.

College Roomies From Hell -- This is one of those comics that manages to sustain a fairly epic storyline without ever losing its touch with humanity. The writer is wonderfully enigmatic when it's needed.

Clan of the Cats -- A witch-lycanthrope explores the world of magic in our modern world. Another epic storyline that almost forces you to fall in love with Chelsea, the main character.

GPF -- Wonderful! Very sympathetic characters in great stories who work at a software company. Really worth reading from the beginning to see just how much it's evolved.

-- Delightfully wicked at times, the writer of this comic's heart is always in the right place when he pens his work. Very insightful on the nature of comics, games and life in general, it's hard not to nod in understanding while reading.

It's Walky! -- Not quite as good as its prior incarnation as Roomies, It's Walky nonetheless preserves the characterization and gripping tales that made Roomies one of my obsessions.

MegaTokyo -- Another friend has said that MegaTokyo is a way of life. I must agree... it has the best art that I've ever seen on a webcomic, and catches the feeling of a manga book. I really can't recommend this one highly enough.

Cool Cat Studio -- This comic blends a unique set of characters with some very fascinating peeks into the supernatural. And all of it's set against the backdrop of an art studio.

Fans -- Fantastic art (ignore the pun). Fantastic storylines. Fantastic everything. Willing to play around with format. This strip is one of the best things ever to hit the net. It deals with a group of science-fiction/fantasy fans who find themselves slowly caught up in darker machinations. Continuing storylines! Evolving characters! I'm in love!

-- If you think I'm mad about characters, you're right. There's no supernatural in this. No fantastic events. Just characters, going to school, interacting and building their lives together. If you think that this makes for a boring comic then you're not me. This comic has the most brilliant characters I've ever seen in a comic and keeps me coming back for more.

User Friendly -- One of my earliest comics, this one has been going on for a long, long time. It's got a sine curve of quality, but really it's never let me down. Check it out and see what you've been missing.

Sluggy Freelance
-- One of the best all-around comics, the antics of the Sluggy crew are funny, epic and occasionally insane. Read this one.

Writing-Related Pages

Here are some web pages belonging to Superguy Net Fiction Authors that I know on the net. Check them out.

Superguy Web Page - Oodles of Fun with Superheroic Net Fiction! Highly Recommended!

Mike Escutia's Home Page - Superguy Author of the Hero Patrol and Thickening Plots

Eric Alfred Burns's Home Page - Superguy Author of Adjusted League Unimpeachable and ALU Academy

Mason Kramer's Home Page - Superguy Author of Mason's 'Mazin' Mob and Mason's 'Mazin' Mob Mosaic

Dave Van Domelen's Home Page -Superguy Author of 36 Crazy Plots

Phil Moyer's Home Page - Superguy Author of Z-Team

Van's Home Page - Superguy Author of Sentries and Series With No Name

Mario's Home Page - Superguy Author of Mayhem, Incorporated and Heroes?

Brendon's Home Page - Superguy Author of The Adventures of Commodore Amiga

Peg's Home Page - Superguy Author of The Eeksburg Times

Ben Brown - Superguy Author of Bob City Chronicles

Bill Dickson - Superguy Author of Team Cynical.

Dirk Myers - Superguy Author of Manman Returns.

Chris Meadows - Superguy Author of Team M.E.C.H.A. and Team M.E.C.H.A. Journals.

Randall Milholland - Superguy Author of GOMI.

Gary W. Olson - Superguy Author (semi-retired) of Calforce and Radian & Shadebeam.

Todd Perlmutter - Superguy Author of Spurned.

Jesse Tayler - Superguy Author of Force Ten, Tornado Knights and Most Totally Evil.

Eyrie Productions - Not a Superguy Author, but they've written a lot of the netfiction that I've read, and this is my links page, so I'll do whatever the heck I want with it.

X-Com Literature - Another Non-Superguy page, but this one's got some great stories about a great game.

The FFML Mini-Archive - Contains lots of good (and also putrid) anime fanfiction works by writers around the net!

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