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A Little About Me

  • Date of Birth: February 23, 1973
  • Eyes: Brown and Myopic
  • Hair: Black and Impossible to keep neat with reddish beard (hey, you can see the picture!)
  • Height: Still depressingly short
  • Citizenship: Canadian, eh?
  • Marital Status: Eternal Best Friend
  • Criminal Record: 'Backstreet Boys and the Three Tenors' is about the most criminal record I can think of.
  • Favourite Drink: Darjeeling Tea
  • Second Favourite Drink: Wild Cherry Pepsi
  • Least Favorite Drink: Orbitz
  • Computers of Choice: PCs (Prism, Ur-Grue); Macintosh (Heather; Tranzie); Amiga 2000
  • Favourite Computer Games: Anything written by Infocom
  • Pet Peeve: Being eaten by a Grue.
  • Best Weekend I Ever Lost: A 48 hour marathon game of Federation and Empire in which the noble Hydrans kicked the tar outta those darned Lyrans.
  • Immediate Family: Two sisters (Wendy: 26 and Cindy: 22), mother (Sandra) and father (Fausto).
  • My Nickname on IRC/Chatservers: Frobozz
  • Favourite TV Shows: Babylon 5 (Gasp! Yes, there has come a show that has finally knocked Doctor Who out of the top spot!), Doctor Who, Star Trek: DS9, Red Dwarf
  • Favourite Movie: 2010

Picture of Me

Submitted for your approval: the only picture of myself that I actually have. It's of myself and my best friends from university. From left to right are: Portia, Brenda, myself (top), Nina (below), Alison and Lisa.

The Picture that
You Can't See.


I'm an eclectic of sorts, which means that I always take on far too much than is good for me. My four biggest loves are writing, role-playing, reading and swimming. Of lesser (but still considerable) import: programming, Interactive Fiction, Net-surfing, war-gaming, doing critical analysis of fiction, playing computer games, collecting classic computer systems and teaching myself the ins and outs of computer hardware.

More Stuff

There will be more 'stuff' put on this page as I get the chance. Check in when you have the opportunity. Don't hold your breath, though, blue tends to clash with the decor.


No, I'm not going to pretend that these are hot new links that you cannot live without. You have a Net search engine for that. These are links that showcase some of my interests. Besides, you'd rather look at links than hear me blathering on all day.

Links! - Get them while they're hot!

Email Address

If you want to mail me about anything, send email to

If you're selling something, asking me to continue a chain or trying to convince me that I can make $2.65 in just ten days then be advised. I will send around Guido and Luigi to 'explain' proper use to you, or rather, your kneecaps.

ICQ Contact

If you want to contact me over ICQ, my ID# is 25112586.

AOL Instant Messager

If you want to contact me over the AIM, my screen name is Gggthxsth.
Keep the Deja archive alive!

Note: This page will remain Lynx-friendly for as long as I (a) draw breath or (b) finally become seduced by the nifty web-toys out. Whichever comes first.

Special Thanks To: Mike Escuta, Jon Lennox and Matt Gerber, without whom this page would've been a right mess.

This page is no longer under construction. Much like a good house, the framework has been set in place. There will be only additions.

A Short History

I was born. I lived 29 years. I'm still alive in spite of best efforts. Now I'm here.

Other Things of Interest

My Media Review!

My review of all things 20th century.


A short history of my indoctrination

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Frob's Role-Playing Material

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all my work on RPGs collected here.

Frob's Ramblings

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The "Not Quite The FAQ"

An old parody of a.t.r-d's FAQ. Out of date by now.

How To Subscribe to Superguy

The list has moved many times. I would like to see you on it.

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