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My Education And Why I'm The Way I Am

(Actually, that involves electroshock)

My grade school years were at a small (When I say small, I mean _small_. Think of the smallest school you've ever passed by. Now cut it in half. I'm talking about _that_ level of smallness. If it were any smaller, it would have required assistance for the eye to see it. Not that this would have been a bad thing, mind you) school called St. Mary's, which is not only a school, but is also a good training ground if you ever want to get into the field of volunteering for sensory deprivation experiments as a career. There isn't much to say about this, so we'll skip up eight grades to high school. Not much to say about Essex High, either. This is where I started to learn what I liked, what my tastes were, and most of all, who I was. More importantly, this is where I learned that if you make yourself irreplaceable to the people in charge of a system, you can get away with anything. Not strictly applicable to the job market, is it? School teaches us bad habits.

This brings us to the University of Guelph, which is located in Guelph (who'da thunk it?), Ontario. I fell in love with the campus in grade eleven, and knew that it was the university I would one day attend. Apparently, I burned out my prognostication abilities with this prediction, but that's another story. Guelph is a wonderful place, and the university is quite nice - although I love to complain bitterly about its faults. It's an agricultural university specializing in cows, so living on a farm is good training for the smells that one encounters on 'Methane Day'. I am currently in my fourth year at this fine institution, in which I am taking an honours major in English, with a minor in Drama, and just enough Computer Science courses to ensure that my schedule will conflict like DC Comics' continuity. I have plans to graduate and pursue a Master's Degree, after which I'll put it to good use in the post-Progressive Conservative party job market: washing dishes, parking cars or (Heaven forbid), working at the Windsor Casino (affectionately referred to as the Greasy Outpost of Hell(tm) Which Is Slowly Sucking The Life and Spirit From Windsor As It Expands Its Malodorous Presence Throughout The City).

Finally, after spending some time out of school, I've returned to the tender embrace of post-secondary education, this time going through Saint Clair College for my Computer science degree. With this, I hope finally to be a productive member of so--so-- oh it is to laugh. I hope to live off the fat of the land and take all that I desire! AHAHAHAHAHA!

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