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A game of Senshi and Darkness... three magical girls battle the forces of the night!
Posted - A screed by a Bone Gnawer on the topic of Glass Walkers and a rebuttal.

What can I really say about the White Wolf system that hasn't been said already a hundred times? Hopefully lots, as I want to really fill up this page!

I encountered the flagship product of the White Wolf line -- Vampire -- just as it first came out. I picked up the only copy extant at Windsor Games Fest, left behind largely because it had a curling cover, due to White Wolf's interesting binding habits back then. During a Robotech game that evening, while seated in a dimly lit room, waiting for the Invid Regis to torture my pilot to death, I began to flip through the book and found within its pages a fairly nice, buggy, poorly-edited system that I could nonetheless run for my group and weave an intricate tapestry of pathos and redemption. Naturally it didn't work out that way, but my heart was in the right spot. I continued to pick up the supplements, one by one. Werewolf was fun, though it didn't interlock well with Vampire (a trait that would continue to plague the books even unto the third edition), Mage was cool and finally I grabbed for myself the Deal Breaker (yes, the warlock), Wraith.

There is a special ring of Angst reserved for GMs who dare to run Wraith. This game isn't really a game at all; it's a thinly disguised attempt to get everyone who bought White Wolf games to go, get depressed and off themselves. This game essentially caused me to sell off my Mage and Wraith books (to a fellow who worked at a university radio station, so the symmetry is complete) and ignore the line for many many years. This is a sad, sad things, as it made me miss the highlight of the line: Changeling

Changeling is what all of the other games are not. Changeling is a witty, well-researched, playable game which encourages cleverness and fun over the dark, dark, dark present. It is a magical game which will cure your acne and make you popular with the opposite sex if you play it. So go, go get it. I'll wait...

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