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Ahhh, memories.

I first encountered Tri-Tac games many, many years ago at my first Windsor Game-Fest, a role-playing experience par excellence. I was young, brash and thought that I knew everything about role-playing games. But I was proven wrong by this weird fellow who introduced me to two slim volumes of rules: specifically a first edition copy of Fringeworthy and an edit copy of Stalking the Night Fantastic. After reading these both I found myself captivated by the completeness of the rules, the imagination of the author and the sheer fun of the worlds presented. I spent the better part of that year making plans to use these games, but didn't actually get to put any into play. The next Games fest, however, I attended with the clear purpose of adding to my Tri-Tac coffers -- and soon came away with several Stalking suppliments plus a small Suppliment 0 for Fringeworthy. Over the years I added more to my collection, managing to actually get into several games with the authors of Tri-Tac (trust me, if you can? Play with them, because they are some of the best GMs I've ever encountered). I was fortunate enough to start off a (short lived) Fringeworthy campaign, a (longer) Stalking campaign and even managed to run Stalking the Night Fantastic at a Games fest. I later picked up FTL: 2448 and Incursions, the latter of which became the basis for my single most successful long-running capaign to date.

Stalking the Night Fantastic is a horror game set in a world where the supernatural is not known to exist, and Bureau 13 (which you may have seen in computer stores for a time as part of a very clever disinformation campaign) is the government agency out to make sure that the public stays in the dark. Please note that this setup predated MiB by years.

FTL: 2448 is an epic space adventure set in humanity's far-flung future. Corporations have made it to the stars and humanity is trying to make its place in the new frontier.

Incursions takes the tabloids and brings them to life. You and your fellows have been abducted by aliens who are using an ancient and powerful alien (Anshani) spacecraft to fetch slaves from Earth to sell out in the cosmos. After a successful rebellion on-board the ship, you and your crew-mates are left in command of the vessel, but without a clear path home.

Fringeworthy is the game of interdimensional exploration. You are one of the Fringeworthy; part of the 1% of humanity capable of passing through the Fringe portals and to other worlds. What adventures await?

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