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New Rules

The Near Now... Later today, early tomorrow, sometime next week, the world began to end.
They come from other realities, raiders joined together to steal the awesome energy of Earth's possibilities. They have brought with them their own realities, creating areas where the rules of nature are radically different -- turning huge portions of Earth into someplace else.

Torg took the role-playing world by storm, presenting a well thought-out cosmverse filled with possibilities (no pun intended) to the starving masses. As time went on, West End Games evolved the universes and war depending upon reports which you sent to them. Mysteries unfolded, strange happenings happened and great tales were told.

Sadly, WEG's attention to Torg began to plummet, leading to some sub-par supplements and ultimately, the line's whimpering death with the release of War's End and the announced Storm Lords, which were poised to utterly ream the Torg line. 'Fortunately', however, the latter supplement was never released for the mediocre Masterbook collection, and the Infiniverse is officially dead.

Well, maybe not quite dead. After all, it lives in our hearts, on our pages and in our campaigns. And I for one am not ready to surrender my Torg books just yet...

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