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Zig! - An Eternity Shard for Torg

Daniel/Hutriel - Starring in the Terrible Secret of Hell, for In Nomine

Main screen on! If you're like me, you've been infected at some point in your internet life by the running joke which centres around the extremely poor translation of Toaplan's rather fun R-Type-like game Zero Wing. In the home version of the game, the player is bombarded by utterly incomprehensible translations which defy even the staunchest linguist to make sense of them on first pass. Most people caught by this phenomenon have been rendered immune to the stunning beauty of Zero Wing's humour by this point, simply because of the number of fairly banal repetitions of same that they've suffered.
Well, here's one more. Or at least, here's a take on All Your Base that I'm hoping will break your Zero Wing doldrums. I have issued to myself a challenge! I will write one gaming add-on per game I have on my front most RPG page, until each and every one of them has some Zero Wing-related material to its name. This will be a slow process, so be patient and return here every so often for new material... or if you think I'm being a slack-ass about it, email me and let me know!
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